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Builderium (BUILD)

Builderium (BUILD)

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The construction industry covers everything from putting up new buildings to carrying out small-scale repairs and renovations. As such, sooner or later, it becomes relevant to almost everyone living in a house or an apartment. Unfortunately, many people's interactions with builders leave much to be desired, with frequent scams, payment problems and poor quality work (which, of course, can have lasting consequences for all of a building's tenants). One of the main causes of such frustrations is the fragmented state of the market, which makes it harder for clients and contractors to reach each other and to cooperate in an atmosphere of accountability and trust.

Existing freelancer platforms have not served this industry well. Building contractors often lack a serious online presence, and even when they have it, the inflexibility and unreliability of platforms can make them little better than going by word of mouth. This must change, and given the construction industry's interest in new technologies, that probably will happen soon. Builderium proposes to create a new kind of dedicated construction platform that will use blockchain technology to make it easier for builders and their clients to work with each other.

How will the Builderium platform operate?

The Builderium recruiting team would vet potential contractors before letting them join the platform. Clients would submit construction projects on the platform (accessed through a website or a mobile app), specifying their locations, the required specialists and the minimum and maximum prices they would be willing to pay. Those projects could range from building a new house to repainting the walls or replacing the roof. The platform engine will match each project to contractors from its pool based on their location, specialty and experience. Those contractors will need to commit a BUILD token each to take part in a reverse Dutch auction. The lowest bidder will receive the construction contract.

All payments on the platform will be executed securely on the blockchain, with the option of using BUILD tokens. Upon completion, clients will be able to leave reviews for their contractors. Ordinary construction workers will also be able to use the platform to look for work, both part-time and with construction companies.

What advantages does Builderium offer?

By bringing clients and builders together on a dedicated platform and matching them based on location, Builderium stands to overcome the construction market's fragmentation, whereas employing the blockchain and allowing reviews should help tackle the trust problem. Builderium offers a somewhat more flexible approach than most existing freelance platforms that should help accommodate the interests of all parties involved. Clients could save a lot of money and trouble with such a platform, while builders would find a larger market for their services while saving on their marketing efforts.

The team behind Builderium has a lot of experience in software development, finance and other areas of business, albeit not in construction. It promises a healthy emphasis on compliance with building regulations that would be taken into account during their vetting process and aftewards. Builderium is meant to expand globally, which seems like a realistic goal assuming early success given that streamlining the construction market is a global need.

Glocalization of construction

Builderium's basic offer is very simple and straightforward: a platform for construction job auctions. To attract more support, the company may wish to elaborate further on its intended vetting procedures and other such important details that are currently touched upon rather lightly in its documentation. Obviously, the value of such a platform to its users will depend largely on the quantity and quality of contractors it would work with, which is impossible to assess at this point.

Potentially, however, Builderium could tap into the important modern trend of glocalization (that is, the combination of global reach with a local focus) and bring its advantages to the construction market. By helping local builders and other contractors get in touch with their customers and building trust among them, it could cultivate a highly effective ecosystem that may transform construction and make many of its associated frustrations a thing of the past. That should make this idea worth supporting for all construction market stakeholders, provided that Builderium proves it can be trusted to execute it.

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Sergei Galuza-CEO
Vaidotas Kazemekas-Team Leader
Algirdas Miceika-Sales Director, Auctions Manager
Denis Ragovski-Legal Advisor
Lina Kavaliauskaite-Head of Marketing
Achmedov Ruslan-Project Manager
Gintautas Drasutis-CTO
Naviin Kapoor-Advisor
Assiya Shabi-Advisor
Sam Buxton-Advisor
Mark Gregory-Advisor


April 2018
Conceptual design.

May 2018 -June 2018
Web platform design.

May 2018 - July 2018
Web platform Development.

July 2018 - August 2018
Web platform Closed test.

December 2018
Web platform Launch.

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