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Paygine (PGC)

Paygine (PGC)

Open financial platform

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The development of the investment world is currently experiencing a very significant movement. Investments have begun to expand into the world of digital currency secured by Blockchain technology.

Although the development of investment business has improved perfectly, in fact, it is not easy for someone to follow. Because not all investment markets provide a promising profit ratio. Especially in the business of digital currency that does have a very unstable fluctuation rate.

For that, we introduce a company that provides the best business offer for you. You can try to invest in the following startup companies and start making money easily.

Called Paygine, a company that offers solutions for people who want to try their luck in the world of investing in digital currencies. Using the decentralized Blockchain technology, Paygine provides transparent financial services to its investors.

Paygine – PGC ICO Best2Pay Financial Payment Engine Platform

Paygine is a blockchain stage that plans to offer answers for organizations and individuals that need to utilize cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. The organization is beginning an open monetary stage that will empower its clients to utilize numerous administrations like cash exchanges, distributed installments and fill in as an electronic wallet.

Paygine comprehends that numerous nations still don’t have clear laws about cryptocurrency and that numerous organizations don’t submit to their present laws, so it needs to make a situation in which the clients can truly feel safe.

Not just the clients will feel safe about their cryptocurrency, yet additionally, that can take the laws of their nations and that they won’t have any issues with that.

How Does Paygine Work?

The organization will use as a premise the administrations gave by the effectively existent Best2Pay organization to build up their money-related administrations and scale them to the world inside its directions. The majority of the administrations will be given through an open API, so the customers can utilize it as they need.

The organization plans to work for different organizations, and offering them intends to offer the administrations for their customers. They fundamentally need alternate organizations to be the agents of their administrations. The wallet and P2P frameworks, for instance, will be utilized by outsiders, not specifically from the organization itself.

The organization will work utilizing the PGC tokens, which will be utilized to pay for administrations of the organization and will be purchased amid the forthcoming ICO.

How to Invest in Paygine?

On the off chance that you need to put resources into this organization, you will have the opportunity to do in the up and coming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the organization. There is still not a date for the pre-ICO, but rather it will likely occur amid 2018 with the primary deal happening a few months or weeks after the fact.

The organization expresses that their ICO will be controlled by the United States’ laws, so you will presumably be an authorize speculator to put resources into this organization, so be careful with that before contributing.

When we realize that Paygine is discharging new data about its ICO and the cost of its tokens, we will refresh this survey or compose another one, so you should check our blog now and again to know how what you can do to put resources into this organization in the most ideal way.

The Paygine Verdict

Paygine as of now has a decent vision of the blockchain showcase at this moment and could offer fascinating administrations later on. There are no warnings on the organization’s page, which is likewise an awesome sign that you will presumably have the capacity to truly confide in this organization.

The uplifting news about this organization is that regardless of whether you are American, you will have the capacity to contribute (in the event that you meet the necessities) in light of the fact that the organization is endeavoring to take after the laws of the nation in its forthcoming deal. You can practically observe that this organization is not kidding and will endeavor to take after the enactment.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


342 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


282 days ago



Kirill Radchenko-CEO, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
Michael Luposhtyan-Senior Vice President, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
Maxim Neshcheret-Business Development Director, Best2Pay Singapore
Raniya Luposhtyan-Chief Financial Officer, Best2Pay, US, and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
Alexander Petrov-Chief Technology Officer, Best2Pay Russia
Vitaly Furmanov-Senior Vice President, Best2Pay


Gary J Ross-Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
Arina Shulga-Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
Azat Nugumanov-Partner
Anastasia Klimenko-Vice President
Djibril Diallo-Vice-President, TransferTo
Byanmunkh Volodya-Director, «Truly Digital Bank»
Salah Abci-Partner, Grant Thornton


Project start
Team formation
Choice of technology and system architecture design
Start of platform development.

Development of the platform
PCI DSS Level 1 certification*
VISA and MasterCard registration
Introduction of first services to market
First sales of online loan repayment, merchant acquiring, card2card transfer.

Start of active sales
In cooperation with VISA and MasterCard, new services are developmed and introduced to market
Go-live with our first large retail bank.

2015 to 2017
Advanced service supplier for numerous banks
Turnover as of October 2017 - more than US$ 115 million per month
Portfolio of serviced loans is over US$ 18 billion
Launch of unique peer-to-peer platform.

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