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HyperQuant (HQT)

HyperQuant (HQT)

HyperQuant Fintech Platform

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Experts note a steady growth in investment in crypto-currencies. More and more people are starting to trust their savings with electronic coins. According to experts, in about 6 years on Earth there will be at least 200 million investors. However, the speed of market growth could be much faster if users did not face a number of intractable problems.

It’s no secret that the modern world financial system is far from flawless and safe. And here are its obvious drawbacks: the closure of the system, the complexity in the control of transaction processes. And, in general, very limited functionality. The emergence of blockchain technologies decides if not all questions, then most. However, and the crypts have their obvious shortcomings – a changeable exchange rate, a limited likelihood of most exchanges.

Today we will tell you about the HyperQuant project, which tried to find the best solution.

The essence of the project

So, HyperQuant is a decentralized platform, created for automated investment. All processes in the system will be transparent and accessible. The platform is designed primarily to help people working with software and algorithms of trading operations. HyperQuant is a professional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management and dApps creation that is based on the forefront AI, Risk Management, Blockchain innovations and Fast Order Delivery protocol. It is made by professional quant traders who know capital management industry back to front. All market participants from minor crypto financial specialists to professional capital managers, VCs and hedge-funds will have access to a broad variety of smart arrangements covering all aspects of crypto venture and crypto trading forms.

The project implements intellectual contracts, produces utilities for developing trading solutions. The work of the platform is actively implemented the best from AI. For example, the intellect calculates investment ratings.

For the analysis of investment risks, a large number of criteria are being investigated. The neural network has an alert system that sends alerts to users about risks. Alerts increase if the risk rises. And under the worst-case scenario, the system can automatically block access. Thus, using the platform you will never lose everything. Here you can also rely on recommendations for setting up bots and rebalancing cryptographic portfolios.

Unique Features

First of all – very convenient conditions for the interaction of AI and blockchain technologies with the user were created here. Thanks to this advanced interaction, we get a high potential in tuning bots.

Account management

Any investment and trading activity carries a certain level of risk. The market exchange rate of currencies is rarely stable. Project technologies help to effectively control financial losses in conditions of uncertainty. Also, the project allows to control functional, operational and selective risks, and also – liquidity risks.


The hedge is bought to reduce risks of price increases if it is planned to acquire assets in the future. Sell a hedge – when there is a risk of falling asset prices in the future. The system will allow you to learn how to earn a hedge for each of your users.

Financial advisors for AI

Typically, weak user control of the market, improper risk management – the main reasons for the loss of investment. HyperQuant uses AI in its work based on data collected by users of the system.


The total number of coins is 200 million HQT. The minimum investment amount is 0.5 ETH. Soft-cap of the project – 5 thousand ethereum, the upper lath fees – 20 thousand ethereums. The project is registered in Estonia and is banned only in the US. During sales, 1 HQT is set at 0.00028 ETH (or 1 ETH = 3500 HQT). The exact dates of sales are not known. However, private sales were successful in May-June, the pre-session began in July, and, to date (August 8), there is not much left for the hard-cap.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


298 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


267 days ago




2015 - Original Idea
1. Coming up with idea
2. Market research
3. Concept evaluation with industry experts.
4. First Experiments

2016 - Platform Blueprint & Pre-Alpha
1. Preparing Whitepaper
2. Legal Paperwork
3. Developing Trading strategies and backtesting them on real market data.
4. Building connectors to crypto trading platform.

2017 - Alpha
1.Blockchain based investment plans
2. Mobile application for bot Management
3. Hyper Token Distribution
4. Smart order routing and fast order execution protocol
5. Trading bot market-place

2018 - Open beta
1. Market Data Storage
2. Quantitative Framework with Powerful SDK
3. Market Data vendor Unified protocol
4. Visual trading bot constructor (HQ script)

2019 - B2C Solutions & AI
1. Effective execution of big trading orders
2. Risk Management & Hedging Software
3. AI Financial Advisor based on big data & neuro network
4. Investment management software for crypto hedge funds

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