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Modern Social Interactions through Eminent

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Eminent is the perfect example of how the modern platform can be a place for improving your social interaction and network. With its own app, the BeepBeep Nation, the platform is expected to support social interaction on the global scope. The idea is pretty simple, really, but the impact can be huge. When this is done massively on the global scale, everyone can take the benefits of each implementation. And most importantly, the users can help each other.

How the Eminent Works

Eminent is the platform where daily problems can be solved with the help of each other. It’s not always about the daily and regular issues, but you can also get help for any professional-related issues. For instance, you want to get the information about the traffic jam in a certain area in Minnesota, and then another user will respond to your question. Or a user in Canada wants to know whether he can get a ride to a downtown area and another user will lend a hand by allowing him to join his ride. The ones wanting to get the information or the help are called the requesters, while the ones providing the answer or the help are called the helpers.

So, what kind of rewards will the helpers get? Well, basically nothing. There is no obligation for the requesters to give rewards to the helpers, but if the requesters are willing to give some, then there’s no stopping them. However, this platform is running on a non-reward mechanism. Everyone is encouraged to work on their social skill, increasing their awareness of their surroundings.

The creation of the special application will make everything easier. The platform is created so that requesters and helpers can interact and communicate directly. Eminent works on the blockchain technology and the smart contract so everything is guaranteed to run well. The blockchain technology, for instance, is implemented to encourage transparency and openness. There is nothing hidden or secretive – everything is laid out openly. The smart contract is used to encourage honesty and trust. In the event there is a reward, the escrow system is implemented to make sure that helpers are honest. If there is a dispute between the requester and the helper, and it is proven that the helper is lying about the condition or the information, then the requester can request for the reward back. It’s a win-win solution for everyone.

EMN Tokens

The EMN tokens are used to reveal access to the features and services in this platform. Users will have to pay a certain fee whenever they send out a request. This will prevent any spam or mischievous intent from the users. The requesters will have to pay the EMN token whenever they want to request something. In the event that they are willing to give rewards (in the form of the EMN tokens, of course) to the helpers, they can manage it in the smart contract. Rewards will be released to the helpers’ account only if the information or help at Eminent has been validated. Helpers can keep the rewards or exchange it to other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


297 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


267 days ago



Sen Ze (Tan King Tah)-CEO & Co-founder
Samuel Sham-CFO & Co-Founder
Jelson Low-CTO
Charles Wong-CMO
Ahmad Dewanto-Bounty Management


Thomason Chan-Go-To-Market Strategist
Nizam Ismail-Legal Advisor
Christopher Lee-Scalability Advisor
Jeremy Khoo-Blockchain Advisor


Q3 2018
Beta launch of BeepBeep Nation app
Optimising Ul/UX based on users' feedback

Q4 2018
Development of token and wallet
Integration of token and wallet with the BeepBeep Nation app

Q1 2019
Enabling token payment between users
Enabling token payment by users for using BeepBeep Nation app functions

Q2 2019
Development of token staking system for using certain categories with BeepBeep Nation app
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app

Q3 2019
Development of token staking system for reporting disputes
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app

Q4 2019
Development of system for rewarding top performing users
Development of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard

Q1 2020
Development of Level 2 users paying with token system
Launch of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard

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