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Tripterium (T50)

Tripterium (T50)

A Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Index Fund

Review Project

Index funds are best for your retirement as the warren buffet said. They have passively managed funds that have outperformed the actively managed funds. There are many advantages of index funds, and it is no wonder that in the recent years, it has seen a massive investment. People have been pouring billions of dollars into the index funds. The recent surge in the index funds is the result of its performances. Cryptocurrency has become the most sought-after currency given the recent success of the digital currency. Thousands of coins since then have been launched in the market for a variety of purposes.

Investors are confused and sceptical about the cryptocurrency market. One of the many worrying things is the high volatility which seems to have become the innate quality of the cryptocurrency. Traditional investors look for stability and long-term value. The present cryptocurrency market is volatile and filled with the speculative nature of investors. There is a need for a stability in the market. A platform is required which can assure investors the long-term value of their investments. Do you think that we can create such a platform?

Solution offered

Tripterium T50 is offering something similar to the cryptocurrency investors. They are close end index fund similar to the many traditional index funds. With the rise is cryptocurrency tokens, it will be a new approach towards investing. By tracking the top 50 tokens in the market, they will assure investors of a healthy return. There are several advantages to investing in the fund, such as there are no fees for advice, brokerage, and free founder membership. Providing something unique in the cryptocurrency market so that the confidence of the investors in the market can be renewed is the only mission of the platform.

They believe that blockchain technology is the future and their platform is based on it. Another unique offer made by the team is a cryptocurrency venture capital fund. Under this feature, they will be investing in the early stage startups working in the blockchain space. There are various requirements that the startups have to meet for being considered for the funding under this feature of the platform. Fulfilling the needs of the market as well as creating applications that have long-term value is part of their plan.

ICO Information

1,000,000,000 T50 Tokens are created for the project. 870,000,000 tokens are available for the public sale. The token sale is currently live on the platform until 31^st^ August 2018. The funds will be utilized for the development and marketing of the platform.


Providing investors with an opportunity to select only the best-performing assets in the cryptocurrency will encourage investment in the cryptocurrency market. People are confused about the state of the cryptocurrency market, and this platform provides them with a window of hope. There is a lot of work to be done in the cryptocurrency space as there has been much misinformation about its applicability in the market.

And, the large number of scam projects in the market is another challenge for the investors. There is a lack of understanding about the underlying technology of the cryptocurrency on platforms. There needs to be a new application in the market which can provide real value to the investors. Do you think that the platform offers a unique solution for the cryptocurrency investors?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


374 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


297 days ago



Kenneth Omoya-CEO
James Tristan Williams-Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager
Anna Borisova-Cryptocurrency Investment Analyst
Reetendranath Banerji-CTO
Rita Drozda-Marketing & Communication Manager


Naviin Kapoor
Craig Plant
John Omoya


August – December 2017-Research

January – February 2018-Development

February – March 2018-Smart Contracts Developed

March – June 2018-Test Systems and Smart Contracts

June 2018-Public Token Sale

September 2018 Onwards-Exchange Listing

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