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Tradelize (TDZ)

Tradelize (TDZ)

Your Laser Sword in Cryptocurrency Trading

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They call your Tradelize laser sword in the world of cryptocurrency trade. And it is an ecosystem designed to give the best to give professional investors a special tool to get the best results. Presale is now live. And there is a message from the CFO on the company's website that is said to be very urgent.

How does it work?

Their business model is to use the funds received during Token Sales to involve the most successful traders. This is why 80% of all funds received during our Token Sales will be distributed among the top 300 ecosystem traders who will manage these funds to create the best strategy for users to succeed. This will create the core of the best crypto Pro Traders, whose expertise will be available for hundreds of thousands of future platform users to follow. How will they determine the best ProTrader? This is where their Tradelize. score tool comes in handy. During the token sale, each trader will be able to start building his stats in Tradelize. score, whether they use Tradelize.terminal or not. In the latter case, they can link their account in crypto exchange to Tradelize.score via the API.


The Tradelize ecosystem is a unique architecture and set of customer-specific breakthrough tools, featuring a network of merchants with the greatest blockchain strength that seeks to facilitate and enable massive crypto trading adoption.

The Tradelize solution is perfect for each type of participant:

• Traders - market participants cryptocurrency, which utilizes crypto market volatility and inefficiency.
• Investors - participants who hold cryptocurrency but do not yet know how to get the best profit from it.
• Public users - people who have heard of cryptocurrency but have not tried to profit from them.


Tradelize web is their one-of-a-kind environment where investors can with one mouse click follow and copy professional merchants and in this way begin to invest wisely with their automated systems. Merchants can share their trades and receive a percentage of the
profits earned by investors who copy their strategies. Investors can track the deals ProTraders in real time. After setting their preferences, they can choose to make transactions using the Tradelize.web trading tool, which conducts automated trading following their
selected ProTrader. This tool will repeat professional merchant offers right for pre-determined preferences and send updates in real time via email and / or text. Adjustments take less than two minutes. Tradelize.web includes Tradelize.Score and Tradelize Account Management

Token Distribution

ICO plans to distribute its tokens under the following proportions;

50% of tokens are planned to be distributed to the public during ICO's pre-sales and sales
20% token is planned to be distributed to ICO Partners
10% token is planned to be distributed to ICO team members
10% of tokens are planned to be distributed to the masses for consulting services
The 10% token planned to be separated is a reserve fund by ICO

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


344 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


297 days ago



Anton Zapolskyi-CEO, Founder
Igor Sabodakha-CFA, COO
Vitalii Kucherenko-PhD, CBDO
Illia Pashkov-Chief Creative Technologist
Maxim Kulik-CTO
Diana Ilchuk-CMO
Oleksii Popovich-Back-End Lead
Dariya Makarova-Back End Developer
Maxim Kovtun-Front End Developer
Dmitriy Solyanik-Front-end team lead
Vladyslav Shyshkin-Senior Java developer
Aleksey Durdo-R&D Project Manager
Oleksandr Volynskyi-HR
Denis Omelchenko-UX/UI Designer


Q1 2017-Concept formulation and architecture development

Q3 2017-Trading terminal alpha version

Q4 2017-Trading terminal beta version, closed testing

Q1 2018-Trading terminal demo launch

Q2 2018-Start token presale, DMA trading terminal ready to download and use

Q2 2018-Brokerage implementation, start of public TGE.

Q3 2018-Tradelize Web and Mobile App commercialization

Q4 2018-Company branches establishing

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