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TITA Project (TTN)

TITA Project (TTN)

Decentralized Network for Traded Commodities

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TITA is a blockchain project that aims to target the commodities market in a decentralized fashion. The platform was created to allow users to connect to each other on a safe and secure blockchain that will engage each party in commodities trading. The native token will be used as an intermediary exchange asset for transactions that occur on the platform. Different sections will exist on the platform that includes commodity transformations, commodity agents, and commodity speculators.

The commodity transformation will include transportations of commodities based on its region and time-based commodities. The commodity agents are virtual commands that will help process the transaction which will typically run through smart contracts. Since smart contracts are used and are open sourced, the transaction can be verified and proven trustless. The commodity speculators are the users that are simply placing bets on the volatility of the specific commodities. These types of bets allow the users to profit off of the commodities without actually holding them and transacting with them.

A few problems in the speculation market of commodities which include cash settlements, credit lines, logistics and the underlining technology. Commodities vary between locations and so cash settlements are not always easy to spot. No global system exists in the current market to price in these commodities, and so the commodities simply cannot be accurately displayed which cuts out a huge section of the market. With the traditional banking system, it is getting harder and harder to get credit lines which hurt working users who can pay the credit back.

Transportation is a huge problem as some shipments need to cross different lines like railroads to trucks. These changes can cause massive delays and other problems such as loss of shipment. Tools that have been created in order to give investors better analytic data have been outdated. This causes a lot of investors and users to leave commodity trading platforms. If people are investing their hard earned money, the technology should be up to date.

The Tita project is built on the blockchain and so it has a lot of inherent properties of the blockchain like proof of collateral, expedites capital allocation, and timely settlements. Since the blockchain has a distributed ledger the assets that are used in collateral can be verified and safely stored instantly. So there is no need to have live management over user funds which could be in the millions of users, and so people with adequate collateral will get their desired loan. This allows more people to enter the market and spend their funds.

Transactions can be sent fast and cheap on the blockchain and can be verified, and so settlements can be made 24/7. Banks and other middlemen are not needed in order to transact, so the smart contracts can pay out to the respected user instantly. This gives the platform a competitive advantage over traditional methods. The platform will have developers that are looking to update based on recommendations from the community, and so the investment tools will continually be updated. As new innovative technology comes out, it will be applied to the platform to keep the users interested and to keep Tita on the top of the market.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


267 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


237 days ago



Tisan Toye-Founder
Pishikeni Tukura-Founder
Soala Bobmanuel-Team Lead, Strategy
Daniel Omokpo-Team Lead, Blockchain development, CTO
Shireen Ramjoo-Team Lead, Finance
Kyle White-PR and Marketing
Shikha Dadhwal-ICO Marketer, Art Pro

Emmanuel Adams-CEO, Cowrie shell
Genevieve Leveille-CEO, Agriledger
Timo Trippler-Business advisor, Airpod technologies ltd
Yilji Dimka-Legal Counsel, D&D Partners
Shikha Dadhwal-ICO Marketer, Art Pro
Didi Taihuttu-CEO, DT Consulting


January - December 2017-Concept, Analysis and design of the project.

January- June 2018-Preparation for Token Sale / Private Sale of TITA tokens.

July 2018-Pre-ICO Sale Begins.

November - December 2018-ICO ends

January- Febuary 2019-TITA center African Market Launch.

March - April 2019-TITA CENTER Product update implementation

May- August 2019-TITA EXCHANGE Development and Beta Testing.

September - December 2019-TITA CENTER Asian and Middle East Market Launch

January - March 2020-TITA Network Product Update implementation.

April - September 2020-Implementation of government and Producing community’s synergy programs.

October - December 2020-American Market Launch.

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