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The Future of Digital Wealth Management

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MPCX is a blockchain driven financial platform that aims to aggregate all cryptocurrency related services in one place by creating a suite of one-stop solutions to the demands of the industry. The platform serves the wealth management, cryptocurrency trading and exchange needs of the community, as well as other services such as crypto lending, ICO promotions, crypto related research and digital banking service.

The system will commence by focusing on wealth management needs of the community through the creation of an innovative investors’ portfolio of crypto related assets, thereby meeting a pressing need in the digital asset management ecosystem.

Although there are many crypto-related investments in the industry, when it comes to asset management, the industry has very few options in terms of available transparent services. This has been a source of concern for hodlers, especially the early adopters of cryptocurrencies who mostly have no access to reliable digital asset management service.

The low rate of adoption of digital currencies coincides also with a low use cases for coins. It is a well-known fact within the crypto community that adoption of cryptos such as Bitcoin as a means of transfer of value will enhance not just its value but is a vital key to a thriving industry. Unfortunately, there are many coins that have no practical use cases.

The reluctance or refusal of banks to have direct relationship with cryptocurrencies has limited the rate of adoption of the coins. This challenge has also made many investors extra cautious in their bid to invest in digital currencies. This reluctance is as a result of slow rate of innovativeness and digitalization of the traditional financial industry.

The lack of knowledge concerning cryptocurrency investment has been compounded by lack of transparency due to limited regulation. This has caused scams and market manipulations to thrive.

MPCX Solution

MPCX plans to provide a wealth management and trading service to high net worth crypto owners through an Ethereum based platform that includes personalized full onboard services to clients. The platform will exchange the top 100 coins by market capitalization and also act as a payment gateway that integrates banking solutions with cryptocurrencies.

Its custody solution targets safe-keeping of the client’s digital assets, a segment in the crypto industry that is underserved. MPCX believes that with the assurance of their safety of digital assets, institutional investors will be more willing to invest in the coin market knowing that their holdings are safe from being stolen.

The platform creates an avenue for investors to have investment options through the creation of tradable and investible indices which are the MPCX crypto AI Fund, crypto ETN’s and ICO’s. MPCX selects some of the best investment opportunities in the industry for users of the service. The trading solutions offered on the MPCX system include arbitrage, a trading terminal and reporting. There shall also be a lending platform in which borrowers are matched with lenders.

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Iurii Riabykin-Founder & CEO
Phil Millo-Founder
Alex Kozak-CLO & Co-founder
Sadek Ferdous-Chief Technical Advisor
Amy Orivel-Compliance
Andrew Shishkin-Head of Development
Kirill Redin-Chief Information Officer
Stacy Fatkina-Software Developer
Nikita Peshkov-Lead Software Developer
Boris Zubanenko-Software Developer
Sergey Paliy-Software Developer
Roman Korinevski-Marketing Executive
Sumit Kumar Pradhan-Community Manager
Tasos Oureilidis-Solutions Architect
Spyros Kekos-Community Manager
Alexsandra Kotova-Graphic designer


Q1 2017-Research and Idea validation.

Q4 2017-First Infrastructure solution with crypto assets.

December 2017-Start of ICO preparation process.

May 2018-Pre ICO.

Q3 2018-First ICO Round.

December 2018-Digital Smart Investment Mandate.

December 2018-Second ICO round hard cap ETH 25 000.

Q2 2019-Digital Crypto Exchange.

Q4 2019-MPCX Trading Terminal.

December 2019-Third ICO round hard cap ETH 40 000.

Q2 2020-Payments and Banking Solutions.

Q4 2020-Regulated Wealth Management.

Q2 2020-MPCX P2P Lending Platform.

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