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Jibbit (JIB)

Jibbit (JIB)

Blockchain Safety for a 200m Community

Review Project

Permits to use medical cannabis are limited by a list of recognized indicators and can only be obtained by receiving a prescription. Jibbit intends to enhance the level of trust associated with the use of cannabis among patients who suffer from severe diseases. As a blockchain solution, Jibbit will enable cannabis community to enter into the cryptomarket economy to legally obtain medical cannabis. For this purpose, Jibbit elaborates a secure infrastructure to verify the authenticity of medical prescriptions.

Key components of the platform

There is a variety of methods for how individuals can use falsified prescriptions in attempt of purchasing recreational cannabis. Uncontrolled Internet sales, in particular, are a special cause of growing concern.

Jibbit Marketplace is the backbone of the platform. It is designed for customers to browse a wide range of offerings as well as for suppliers to locate their digital presence. At the same time, Jibbit Marketplace is an attractive point for any partners who are interested in the project as a means to promote crypto payments as Jibbit will enable new types of transactions.

Jibbit Runner is attached to the scope of the services and is expected to enable delivery services at full efficiency. Similarly to the marketplace, the review option is enabled as well.

Benefits for customers and sellers

In order to increase sales, sellers will be able to offer special deals for customers as a part of the sales promotion. Customer, in turn, will benefit from purchasing at discount prices. Non-price promotions will be also enabled, though they currently refer only to free registration and some interface options. Finally, sellers can use honest customer reviews as a non-price promotion. Marketplace customers are no exception and can discover the benefits of featured partners while reading reviews.

Jibbit Doc is introduced as the hub for stakeholders, that is a pharmacy portal to enable documentation flow and virtual meetings with doctors. As additional feature, the Jibbit Doc Card will be issued as a means of personal verification.

Token Sale

The very first and obvious observation to be made on the platform is that the adoption of Jibbit depends greatly on the legal status of cannabis, that varies widely on the global scale. Additionally, some unobserved factors can also influence public attitude towards cannabis community and a platform as such. These include the correlation in a number of those who have a right to receive medical cannabis and the widespread of cryptomarket awareness. Moreover, there is a risk that the platform could be used as a powerful tool for cannabis advertising. Though we have no direct evidence to fully account for this, as is often the case with any sensitive issue, a certain risk remain.

On the other side, Jibbit addresses the issues on any other communications associated with treatments and enabled with a portal for doctors and patients. It has a strong solution for verification, a Jibbit Doc Card alongside Jibbit App that can be accepted in the pharmacy. Development plans include the extension of the Jibbit's solution to some other medical fields. On top of this, Jibbit uses a fast growing tendency towards online shopping as a basis to establish an e-commerce marketplace.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


266 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


191 days ago



Herman Kutzer-TV Moderator N-TV
Christian Winkens-Diploma in Computer Science
Ralf Hornek-Solution Architect IT-Infrastruktur
Marco Heyse-Cofounder of
Daniel Pikulski-CEO
Frank Ziski-Product Developer
David Poltorak-Database Designer
Eugen Goldnik-Chief Marketing Officer
Andre Hornschuh-CEO Hornschuh GmbH
Alexander Beck-Experimental Facility Technical Coordinator
Nikita Kosuha-Creative Web-Video Producer, Youtube
Rene Muller-Sales Partner, Kaspersky Lab
Denny Eismann-Community Manager
Tran Tho-Blockchain Developer
Lilly Hornek-Community Manager
Dominik Rapacki-Web Developer
Richard Godel-Web Developer
Nikita Schicharbeew-Telegram Support
Markus Spangenberrg-Leader Telegram
Adam Dudziak-Social Media Admin
Emre Ince-Customer Service
Alexander Preis-CBDO
Jens Thurn-IT Law & data protection


Q2 2017-Market analysis of Cannabis market.

Q3 2017-Conception of Jibbit.

Q4 2017-Planning of the token sale.

Q2 2018-Private token sale.

Q3 2018-Token Sale.

Q4 2018-Exchange Listing.

Q1 2019-Jibbit®Marketplace goes online.

Q2 2019-Final testphase Jibbit ecosystem.

Q3 2019-Partner launch.

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