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Instant Assets Tokens (IAT)

Instant Assets Tokens (IAT)

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The Instant Asset Token is a decentralized project that plans to revolutionize the real estate industry through tokenization to reduce, ameliorate and eliminate the entry barriers faced by investors all over the world.

The platform would build an ERC-20 marketplace that would enable users to easily partake in the lucrative real estate business by taking advantage of the decentralization made possible by the distributed ledger. The project is creating its own portal on which players in the industry could access real estate investments, effectively creating a trustworthy collaboration between owners, agents, brokers, clients and all token holders within the IAT platform.

The project involves the sale of the IA token and the utilization of the fund by investing in the real estate sector. Investors in the fund will become automatic beneficiaries of the progress and successes associated with the investment. The purchased assets are digitized on the platform as a legal holding structured as assets and transacted on the IAT platform.

Despite being lucrative, the real estate industry has a myriads of challenges associated with it such as the high cost of entry due partly to high transaction costs. Parties involved in the industry, such as brokers, developers and agents are known to inflate the value of real estate in their possession. Tax assessments are also exorbitant due to the perception authorities have about the industry. The industry is bogged with the slowness of transference of ownership due to the processes involved in documentation and verification of these documents.

There have been geographic limits placed on ownership of certain properties due to legal restrictions on foreign ownership of properties in certain jurisdictions. This barrier arises because there has been no known way of breaking the restrictions placed on international ownership such as is now possible through blockchain and the ease with which digital currencies can be used across most international boundaries for investment and business due to decentralization.

The high capital needed to become an investor owner has been a source of discouragement to many would-be investors. Absence of transparency is among the challenges the industry faces.

The IAT has created a solution to the high entry barrier into the industry through its tokenization process. This entails the sale of the IA token and the investment of the proceeds in the real estate sector. All holders of the token have joint ownership of the properties. These ERC-20 compatible tokens will be tradable at the exchanges.

The NIAT is a native or local version of the IAT that will be pegged to the value of the local currency in which the investment resides. This NIAT can only be purchased with IA token. This is a security against the usual volatility of cryptocurrencies. The platform will cater for the needs of individual investor owners as well as that of brokers and agents to ensure that the IAT becomes a force to reckon with in the industry.

Token Sale

After a successful Pre-Sale the team is focused on partnerships and expanding business before hosting the public token sale. Partnerships and regular updates on the pending token sale are typically on medium and telegram.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


374 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


313 days ago



Lim Kim Hwee (Raymond)-CEO
Chiew Zi Kai (Bryan)-Director
Jovelle De Guzman-Marketing Director
MJ Pojida-PR Manager
Leo Salonga-Events Manager
Marelyn Cubian-Operations Manager


Reuben Godfrey-Senior Advisor
Maury G-Senior Advisor
Malcolm Tan-Legal Advisor
Kevin Gayao-Web Development
Emerson Santos-Financial Advisor


15 June 2018-Start of Crowd-Sale Phase

14 days after the end of crowd sale-Tokens Distribution

Within 7 days from tokens distributionExchange Listing

Q4 2018-Start of IAT Portal Development

Q1 2019-Launch of IAT Beta Web Portal

Q1 2019-Launch of IAT Web Portal

Q1 2019-Launch of web functionality for agents/brokers/individuals

Q3 2019-Research & development of web portal for expansion to 2nd market

Q1 2020-Expansion to 2nd developing country market

Q3 2021-Research and development of web portal for expansion to 3rd market

Q1 2022-Expansion to 3rd developing country market

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