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TradeRiser (XTI)

TradeRiser (XTI)

Decentralized Trading and Research Platform

Review Project

The Internet is booming in the world today. Anything and everything is available on the internet. The internet has infinite applications that are useful in the infinite number of ways. Whenever our brain is flooded with thoughts and curiosities, internet I the only place to look for in such conditions for it is the best way to quench the thrust of curiosity. Search engine technology is slowly and gradually going through a lot of evolutions so that they can be the best solution to our problems and we don't have to look for other sources for this.

The internet provides an extravaganza of features like simplicity, convenience, speed and low costs, and this is why the search engines are a big hit among all the students, teenagers, adults and everyone in the society. During the school times, when we were told to make projects, the internet was the one to provide the biggest help. Though the internet is good for everything, it is not the same as the financial data analytics.

In the trading market, financial analytics are the most important data. Whenever we make an investment we obviously would want to know the status of our investment. There is a lot of news about the crypto and capital markets that are important to keep track of. If we start looking for the crypto and capital market on the internet then it will take a lot of time-consuming researching, due to which we might lose our investment opportunities.

Traderiser is a very perfect solution to this problem. It is a research platform powered by the leveraging blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The platform is made to answer all the types of questions be it simple or complex. The platform saves a lot of time and saves us from getting confused while doing a lot. Traderiser provides fast and accurate answers to the users without any charges. The platform is free and open to everyone who faces the knowledge related issues in trading. The platform updates the users and helps them in solving their answers.

Traderiser follows a simple two-step approach, the trader asks questions and traderiser gives the solution and creates a report on it, unlike the classical platforms that use lengthy approaches and are very time-consuming. The main aim of the traderiser is to provide the quick answer to enhance the experiences of the user. The platform uses XTI token for funding and rewards. The use of token incentivizes the users to participate in the platform and contribute to it.

The platform provides the rewards to those who devote their valuable time in providing the solutions. The token holders can benefit from the products of the platform and can also exchange it for fiat money. The platform forms the research assistant network for the people around the world for feeding their curiosities related to trade.

Money is a very important asset. spending the capital to earn profits is what we call investments, and these are not a joke. Investments are very important and the most important thing is to be very clear about the investment we have made. Traditional platforms that answer the trading related curiosities are very time consuming so traderiser is a very hit solution to such issues. It provides quick and accurate answers to the users and also rewards them with their token.

This platform is the output of a very hardworking team of trading experts, businessmen and blockchain developers. In my opinion is the platform is going to attract a lot of participants because of its unique idea and its compatibility with the fast going lifestyle of ours. This is a first-ever developed trading assistant which holds huge potentials of being the hottest platform in the trading market.

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