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The Next-Generation Antivirus

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There are a lot of malicious things lurking on the Internet and one must be really careful while treading these waters. Ever since the Digital Age came about, it has never been easier to communicate, share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere around the world.

But not every single entity out there is of good intent. During the years before the Internet and PCs became a household thing, we had to deal with physical theft of some sort. But with the world becoming a global village under the Internet's influence, we must deal with software and digital threats.

There was a time when physical manpower and numbers was considered as wealth and power, then came about money being power, but now, in the digital age, Information is Power. Information is what powers the Internet.

There are a lot of stuff out that are basically written for the sole purpose of stealing your personal and private data. There are Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, Worms, Rabbits, Key loggers and various other harmful code that are built for just that. Amongst all of the one mentioned above, Malware is a serious threat. All are a serious threat nonetheless, Malware wreaks havoc on your system, allowing for it to become vulnerable to other attacks.

Malware is a harmful code that causes damage to the system that it infects. It is designed in such way that it tends to disrupt the normal functioning and gain access to the system so that any outsider can access with admin rights.

All these have given rise to a new field of Cybersecurity that basically combats all activities like these. An organisation or a company used to not care much about the amount of budget to be spent of cybersecurity, but with the recent increase in the number of data thefts and leaks, they have increased the amount allocated. Industries have now started spending millions for the safekeeping of their data from internal and external thefts.

We all use Antivirus software and I recommend using one if you haven't got anything. At the least case use the inbuilt features offered on your respective devices. But they are owned by individual corporations and they are updated as and when the team gets the fix for something. They may get it faster than the competition or may be slow. Also, all the services are way too costly when speaking of enterprise level.


ROMAD plan on solving the above-mentioned problems by creating an Antivirus, Endpoint Defense system that operates on the Blockchain. This solves a lot of the problems along with bringing about a host of newer features.

Since it is based on the Blockchain Platform, it is entirely Decentralised and thus, it is not owned or maintained by any organisation. This means that it can use all the available data submitted or found by it to provide its service. It is also transparent and much more impervious to the whole system being sabotaged. Being transparent, it makes the system be more trustworthy. They also plan on charging for all the Malware and attacks that they detect or prevent, not for the entire software and service, whether you use it or not.

They plan on powering their platform by introducing the ROMAD (RBDT) Token which is based on Ethereum's ERC-20 Token standard. Their Private Pre-Sale has ended and they plan on having their Public Pre-Sale on 20 August. These sales have decremental periodic bonuses and it requires for you to be Registered, Whitelisted and KYC Verified in order to participate in the ICO.

The Founders and rest of the team has adequate experience in Cybersecurity, Cryptography, AI, Front-end, Back-end and Full stack Development, Digital Forensics, Software Development, Blockchain, HR, Community Management and Design respectively. The advisory board consists of renowned and experienced Business Developers, Advisors, Analysts, Investors, Entrepreneurs who also bring along their expertise in fields of Cybersecurity Industry, Business Development, Blockchain, Investments and Finance.

While there are a lot of measures and methods in place currently for thwarting the malicious codes and activity, they perform poorly at the best and are all post-functioning services. They perform the actions once the infection or damage has been attempted or performed, not before.

They provide a solution to all these while making the entire system decentralised. We all know how important Cybersecurity is and this is just going to keep increasing as the future is mostly based online and on the Internet.

They have a great team with diverse, experienced and talented members at their disposal. They also have good backing from the advisory board and have a solid vision. They already have a working product and they've got all that it takes to succeed.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


336 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


270 days ago



Yevgen Melnyk-CEO
Sergey Loshak-CFO
Nadezhda Vasylieva-CVO
Evgeny Tumoyan-CTO
Alexander Artmenko-BDM


Ismail Malik-Advisor
Kirill Kazakov-Advisor
Denis Dovgopoliy-Advisor
Darren Franceschini-Advisor


Viktor Dzobak-L1 support engineer
Andrei Chabina-L1 support engineer
Viacheslav Lukianov-Senior QA
Ruslan Bogdan-Senior Developer
Vadzim Lyashenka-Senior Developer
Andrii Ovcharenko-Blockchain Development manager


2007-Morpher obfuscating compiler R&D

2009-System call processing apparatus R&D

2011-ROMAD Analyzer memory digital forensic tool

2012-ROMAD EDR is the next generation antivirus for B2B market. Started patenting the idea.

2014-ROMAD EDR tested. Its functionality confirmed. Morpher is sold.

2016-ROMAD was the winner at the Shark Tank Cupertino competition. Got the ¬ęKey innovator up to 2021

2017-ROMAD was the winner at the Shark Tank San Francisco competition.

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