FTEC Review and ICO Detail – The Platform for Better Trading Convenience

FTEC Review and ICO Detail – The Platform for Better Trading Convenience


Blockchain has disrupted multiple sectors across multiple verticals. The revolutionary digital ledger system of the blockchain facilitates transparent and secure transactions throughout the network. The revolutionary ecosystem has led to the creation and trading of ‘cryptocurrencies’. These are programmable tokens that are considered a store of value owing to their inbuilt revolutionary secure and transparent security features. Never in the history of the internet has anything been created that cannot be copied or illegally transferred without consent and approval of the owner or creator.

Cryptocurrencies are the first batch of such revolutionary products. There is no doubt that investors and other technology enthusiasts trust the technology and the concept behind it so much that today the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is more than US$500 billion. Trading in cryptocurrencies is a very high-risk high reward activity, where intraday swings of more than 50%-60% is a very common occurrence.

About Trading

Trading in this sector requires focused algorithmic analysis and implementation of complex mathematical formulas to tame the system. Traditional trading techniques does not seem to work here. The need of the hour is an all in one trading ecosystem that encompasses all the techniques required to analyze and correctly predict the movement of the cryptocurrency market. The FTEC Project aims to launch the world’s first such trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

Several cryptocurrency trading platforms exists as of now but none of these have really implemented advanced trading techniques within the platform to enhance the profitability as well the trading experience of the user. Even if the exchanges and trading platforms offer trading and price analysis techniques, these are not suitable to handle the volatile conditions of the cryptocurrency market. To analyze and correctly predict the movement of the cryptocurrency market, only technical analysis is not enough.

As the cryptocurrency market is vastly unregulated, most of the high volume movements in the market is fueled by social media channels through rumors or announcements. For example, a simple tweet can completely turn the moving direction of the whole cryptocurrency market in a matter of seconds. The FTEC trading ecosystem is equipped with state of the art cryptocurrency trading analyzers as well as automated social media monitors. The ecosystem has also an integrated learning platform for trading newbies. This is a revolutionary and welcome move for the entire cryptocurrency trading community.

ICO Investment

The initial development, maintenance and general marketing and outreach campaign of the FTEC trading ecosystem will be funded through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Investors can buy the FTEC token by participating in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The FTEC token will be used as the single payment mode for all trading or analysis related activities in the ecosystem. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is a standard ERC 20 token that can implement smart contracts deployed on the blockchain.

The FTEC project is being lead by a team having multiple years of experience in trading cryptocurrencies. The board of advisers to the project are top executives of multinational companies that bring in world-class strategy and plans to execute the vision of the team. The FTEC trading platform will truly be a revolution for the whole cryptocurrency marketplace as a whole, and will definitely attract more institutional investors to use its services.

Cryptocurrencies hold the promise of the future – a future where cross-border payments and even merchants payments are a breeze and that too without involving the huge piles of paperwork and commission charges levied by banks. The financial sector has been craving for change since decades – it is high time to address the monopoly of banks and other financial institutions. Cryptocurrencies are the only way forward from here.

For widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies it is very important for exchanges and trading platforms to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. The FTEC ecosystem is truly a gamechanger in this domain and promises to lead the mainstream adoption and trading of cryptocurrencies. Once the platform is live, it will truly change the way how cryptocurrencies are traded throughout the world!

ICO Detail

Token Name
Main-sale: 20/06/2018 – 18/07/2018
1 ETH = 35,270 FTEC
Equity on offer
26,500 ETH




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