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XchangeRate (XRR)

XchangeRate (XRR)

Easy Features in A Simple and Useful XchangeRate Application

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The information recorded in XchangeRate is verified and you can always trust it to run and process your business data. Although the use of technology is maximized and there will be more online communications between people in the online marketplace then you may also consider registering an account right now and starting about building a business without having a difficult way of through too complicated steps to get in.

In the online marketplace, you need to have a verified account and also register with an official data. When you are done with your registration then you need to see the official website first and then we need to choose the type of transaction we will have and that will affect our ways in doing online activity here. When people are involved directly with the online system then with the help from XchangeRate you will enjoy all the beneficial features while trading here.

Minimum Fees Charges

There is only one thing that has been bothering our thoughts when we get the chance to access the wide online place where you can do anything with your business. There are many choices and options of business you can open in this world. With the help from technology and great internet network you just need to be open about the possibility of going global with your products, so let’s get started and browse the information about XchangeRate before registering an account.

In the account, you will choose the position in the marketplace and you will also know how to handle the customers who are interested in our products and want to ask questions about them. In XchangeRate we also get the feature of online communication where you can communicate with the people in their safely without worrying your personal information get stolen.

XchangeRate Token Management System

It is great if you want to learn about blockchain and online business first before opening one. The people who are involved in the platform are those people who have the ability to manage and develop the business in a great way. Even you do need the help of technology and internet connection you can always rely on XchangeRate to give and provide you with the valid information related to your registration and also the usages of online guidelines.

So many people are joining this online platform and they also get the benefits of the online features they get. Do not worry because you can always update your account information to feel safe and never late for any new features installed.

As the best advice, you may want to know about the best thing that you can get from XchangeRate because you will also get the benefits of having an online token which you can get by investing your money into an online wallet. By the time we can do the transaction online we can also enjoy the best feature of investing our money in the business where we think will give us much profit.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


379 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


315 days ago



Binal Patel-Chief Technical Officer
Peter Moradeyo-Chief Software Architect
Lu Anzhi-Team Leader
Eldin Heric-Mobile App Developer
Ashwin-Mangale-Back-End Developer
Radu Balaban-Front-End Developer
Shaojiang Cai-Front-End Developer
Martin Vrkljan-PHP Back-End Developer
Martin Panevski-Senior PHP Developer
Damir Seremt-PHP Back-End Developer
Guillermo Torrigino-UX Designer
Tasha Sokolova-Chief Content Developer
Barbara Bickham-Chief Executive Officer
Phillip Nunn-Advisor
Vladimir Nikitin-Advisor
Nikolay Shkilev-Advisor


Q1, 2017-Project Idea Conceived.
Q2, 2017-CMB Development (Coin Monitoring Board).
Q3, 2017-CMB 1.0 Release. CMB 2.0 Release.
Q4, 2017-Full Automation of XchangeRate Robot with PRR and FR, Full Automation of XchangeRate Robot with SI.
Q1, 2018-Pre-sale (with bonus), Crowd sale (with bonus), Full Automation of XchangeRate Robot with RSI and MACD.
Q2, 2018-XRR token emission on Ethereum Blockchain starts, XRR token to be processed as Utility Token for subscribers.
Q3, 2018-CMB 3.0 Release.
Q4, 2018-Stage Deployment of XchangeRate Platform for Market Derivatives and Instruments.
Q2, 2019-XchangeRate Platform Universal Edition (Advanced Technical Analysis, Machine learning for Market Derivatives and Instruments).
Q4, 2019-Deploy Hybrid Exchange.

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