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Kepler (KEP)

Kepler (KEP)

AI&Robotics Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain

Review Project

Before deciding to choose the platform to start trading and doing a transaction you need to consider the benefits you will get and also the risk you may face during your activity online. As in Kepler, you will get benefits of doing the online transaction and also be satisfying result every trading. Below you will learn how many advantages that you can get by joining Kepler and also detail information containing guidelines and walkthrough to do the transaction and online trading.

With focusing on requirements and also trading rules you may learn in a fast way and get the understanding very well. There are many types of items that you can trade in the marketplace so that you need to know about how to deal with your money to invest or you want to buy items using token you have already exchanged with a certain amount of money you prepared before.

Kepler Offers Lower Money and Efficiency

Money that you have invested in the platform will be exchanged into online money with digital currency. If you want to check how much fee that you need to pay then you also made a good decision by joining Kepler because here your money will only reduce less to charge the exchange but not the large amount like you get in other platforms.

As well as for efficiency you will learn that inside the platform you will be directed by online commands about the steps you need to take in order to finish the transaction online and with that you will also get the information in every step that you choose to do during the trading. As Kepler is connected with other links to benefits you will do the trading very fast and effective way.

Tax Terms

Tax is an important thing to be considered when you are about to invest your money online. By doing the transaction you need to know that in Kepler the tax is handled very well and you will be informed about it even before you start your first transaction or trading. To get the best result of transaction you need to receive information about the exchange rates and Kepler is best at doing details. After that, you will need to gain details of investment you have done and including those with tax details. Do not worry about the legal terms because every trading in this platform is legal and with legal papers signed.

In doing online transaction and trading you will need to make agreements between party so that you need to have an access to create online contracts. In Kepler, the contract is provided very well and you just need to fill the important information and details to complete the verification. In the marketplace, you will choose the contract based on your needs and you also have to discuss with another party to make sure that both have an agreement to use a certain type of paper and online contracts. So, it is your turn to make money online and get limitless profit.

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Giorgi Topuria-CEO / Founder
Givi Dolidze-Vice CEO / Co Founder
Assylbek Momynov-Director - Kepler City
Tika Nadareishvili-Head Of PR
Archil Nasrashvili-CPO
Lasha Gabidzashvili-Financial Analyst
Giorgi Kepashvili-North American Representative
Mari Shubalidze-Community Manager
Allan Dacunos-Community Manager
Shajid Mahmood-Community Manager
Vano Tvauri-Lead Developer
Toko Xucishvili-Web Developer
Behzad Anousha-Blockchain Expert


Mohammad Bozorgi
Simon Choi
Jason Hung
Reuben Godfrey
Rumen Slavchov

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