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Ubcoin Market (UBC)

Ubcoin Market (UBC)

Crypto-Goods Exchange

Review Project

The basic operation of this online market is to provide people with goods to sell and those who need to buy goods a safe place where they can do transactions with the use token for the cryptocurrency. So, in order to fulfill all the needs of users, the developer has been expanding and collaborating with high technology using network and websites.

Systems used in the platform are useful in obtaining safe storage of data and personal information. When people are getting ready for their first time doing the transaction online they will also get the best quality service of the secure and safe platform. There are also steps we have to do in order to get all the benefits of transaction online. There is also a feature of auction platform with rules applied to manage the products being sold easily. Talking about auction there are several kinds of products which has to be legalized first.

Great Quality Customer Service

Each transaction will also be completed with detail information starting from funding until product sending. The management system is taking car everything in a transaction. First, the customer has to authorize their identity to the platform and then filling the online form about funds and bills.

Customers can also directly access the marketplace or auction center to bid and browse for products they need to buy. Every activity you do will be noted and stored in administration system and will be sent to you as notifications. The security is great with communicative customer service that will always be available for you to ask questions about every transaction you participate.

Easy Transaction Process in Ubcoin Market

To browse the catalogue of advertisement you need to apply the filter choosing suitable items you want to buy. Choose the advertisement that interests you and takes a look at the detail of the product. After matching the most suitable amount of price with the details of products then choose to buy.

The next procedure is to meet between buyer and seller directly to discuss about the transaction. In a location agreed by the parties, they will directly discuss about the product. Before paying through the online wallet, there is another possibility about the transaction, which is a cancellation. Several reasons may be causing the transaction to be cancelled for example the buyer does not agree about the price after taking a look at the product.

Through the Ubcoin Market we can also access banks in which we can apply for credit and debit card used for transactions. The banks integrated with the platform are trustable and safe for doing every financial activity. After done doing the transaction, there are several reasons why we need to be connected with the delivery services, it is when the buyer and seller live in different areas and not possible to set a place to meet. By using delivery service we can also track the package and also get the number of the person who is delivering your package and after the package is delivered then we need to fill the review and then done.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


383 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


280 days ago



Felix Khachatryan-Founder, CEO
Mazhar Jan-Founder, Investor
Andrew Lee-Founder and investor of Ubcoin
Stan Danysh-COO of Ubcoin
Alexander Putilin-CTO and chief blockchain developer of Ubcoin
Marina Lerner-CMO of Ubcoin



Yama Bassam-Adviser
Maxim Filin-Advisor
Oleg Bud-Advisor
Evgeniy Pavlov-Advisor


2006 - 2011
NaviFon launch - mobile navigation application.
Utalk launch - crossplatform messaging client.

2013 - 2014
Ubank launch.
Preinstallment agreement with Fly.
Preinstallment agreement with Huawei.

2015 - 2017
Strategic partnership with MDM Bank.
Co-branded card launched.
Ubank financial marketplace model launched.

Beta smart-contract platform developed.
MVP launch in Eastern Europe.

Q1, 2019
Beta open API developed.

Q2, 2019
Launch in Middle East and South Korea.
Beta AI-screening developed.

Q3 2019
Launch in South East Asia and South Asia.
Open API available for developers.

Q4, 2019
Launch in Latin America.
Full AI-screening tool rolled out.

2020 - 2022
• Marketplace launched in North America.
• Organic growth of the platform.

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