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Investa (INV)

Investa (INV)

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You already know what is Investa? Investa is a blockchain based platform with many interesting and reliable offers. In this case, you can start joining Investa if you are interested. Among the things that are offered are the many channels in it, the INV tokens and much more. In fact, interestingly, this INV token can be purchased with multiple currencies. well, if you heat with a further investment, please directly you refer to the reviews about him below.

Solutions That Are Given Investa Pasa Problems That Are Emerging

In today's crypto world there is one of the quite complicated problems facing its people. The problem is related to the absence of real-world customers and drivers. whereas so far ICO and Fontech have been trying to offer technologically advanced solutions. Even equipped with technical novelty and very interesting considering the design is also elegant.

Well, responding to it, Investa also start to think to offer the best solution with the design for high expediency. in which case the crypto and fintech were taken by Investa is the best. Furthermore, Crypto and fintech are taken will be filtered and collected in symbiotic services that work together. This is done to enable users to increase the value of their crypto assets efficiently and logically.

About Decentralized Investa Control

So far, that run Investa indeed private companies. However, with regard to its relationship with the coin holders and users, Investa will indeed be really tied. the reason is, with the innovation we do, so we have to interact. here we ask for the consensus of our users to be able to produce the product optimally and optimally. and need to underline that we will not do any deviation nor avoid reality.

Furthermore, it should be well known that the operation and development of this investment system are done by the skilled, experienced and experienced so that it can really maximal. Not just a mere blockchain project, here Investa in it also includes security, innovation, flexibility, and scalability. Both the founder and all the members of this team have grown rapidly which will be announced in due time. in essence, this investment partner becomes the highest quality representation in the field.

About Transparency In Investa

investment commitment is on a fully transparent project. It remains the same even when outside the different source code. We also intend to offer transparency and community control in another way by involving accounting firms in the case of a third audit. while to keep the token price stable while preventing dumping, liquidating the founders' INVs will be restricted to a rate of 20% of the entire pool in the first year.

Furthermore, it should be noted that delegates of various control functions will be assigned to relevant parties both internally and externally. The aim is that the transparency and supervision given at the level is greater than that of Investa Coin.

Well, the above discussion is just a little information about Investa. and if you intend to join or want to know more information, you can visit the official website.

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