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Vanig (VANIG)

Vanig (VANIG)

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E-commerce is the latest and efficient marketplace for all our needs. This has become the fastest growing market in the world. The market of e-commerce is on the rise due to various factors, such as large-scale adoption of the mobile in the developing world and rising penetration of internet usage in the world. One of the core pillars on which the industry stands is the efficient operation of the supply chain industry.

The efficiency of the supply chain operation determines the success of the e-commerce industry. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for the inefficiency of the supply chain industry, such as lack of transparent and visible supply chain, complex system with multiple participants. Many other challenges are also present in the industry such as lack of tracking tools and nonexistent inventory management. There is a need for a platform which can solve the challenges mentioned above.

Solution offered

Vanig is offering a solution for the e-commerce industry. It is building world's first integrated e-commerce with the supply chain functionality. Based on the smart contract, various points of the supply chain are connected on the blockchain. HyperLedger 's sawtooth technology is deployed for simplifying the supply chain process and eliminating intermediaries. Provenance information about the top products is provided on the platform so that customers are satisfied and secure.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used for creating effective advertising on the platform. Manufacturer of the products, retail & wholesale, and consumers are an important part of the platform. These three entities are connected to the platform through the smart contract technology. The app created by the team can be downloaded by the users of the platform to access millions of products. Security and transparency are the key principles on which the future of the platform is dependent.

Competitive pricing, authentic reviews, shorter recall process, real-time tracking, multi-party contracts and easy products listing are a few of the many qualities of the platform.

ICO Information

250,000,000 VANIG Tokens are created for the platform in which 60% of the tokens are reserved for the public sale. The private sale is currently live on the platform. The main sale will begin on 4th June 2018 and continue until 7th August 2018. The funds will be utilized for the business development and operations. The team working on the project is experienced on the blockchain technology and e-commerce.


Trillions of dollars' worth transactions are completed in the world. Amazon and Alibaba are the biggest giants in the world of the e-commerce industry. Gross total value of B2B e-commerce is estimated to be 20 trillion dollars in 2017. The future of the e-commerce market will be decided by the kind of technology we adopt for growth and development.

Blockchain technology will reduce inefficiency in the supply chain and provide direct interaction between consumers and suppliers. I think that e-commerce industry will see another revolution with the help of blockchain technology. What do you think about the services offered by the industry? Are we ready for latest e-commerce platform?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


320 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


265 days ago



Prem Sekaran-Co-Founder
Vinod Kumar-Co-Founder
Dan Ramirez-CEO
Geofrey Rainey-CTO
Lars Lima-CCO
Brett Brodbeck-VP Investor Relations
Vishal Nigam-Blockchain Architect
Thomas Copeland-Digital Marketing Director


David Drake-Board Advisor
Don Quartiere-Supply Chain Blockchain Solution Architect
Paddy Tan-Product Strategist
Alan Wong-Market Strategist
Jim Cocallas-PR Advisor
Hans Choi-Blockchain Expert
Syed Ali Ridha Madihid-Supply Chain Strategist - Asia
Jeremy Khoo-Retail Strategist
Glen Liu Zhenquan-Token Economist
Destiny Aigbe-General Counsel

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