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Nauticus (NTS)

Nauticus (NTS)

Nauticus Crypto and Fiat exchange with Ecommerce

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A human being is an evolving species which believes in comfort and utility. Many of the products we create bear these two essential qualities. Without comfort, the product becomes a burden for the users and without a utility in the life of the user. The cycle of innovation and experiment is perpetual in a great product or best service.

People have shown trust on the cryptocurrency by pouring billions of dollars in the development of the efficient payment solution and other uses. Multiple cryptocurrencies, for a variety of purposes, have been launched since the introduction of the bitcoin.

The presence of the cryptocurrency exchange in the market has become a common sight. People have many reasons to fear since there have been many challenges in the cryptocurrency market. Lack of security on the cryptocurrency exchanges poses a greater risk for the investors of the platform. The payment and banking revolution can be duplicated into multiple other industries. What do you think can be done to scale the integration of the cryptocurrency in the current market?

Solution offered

Nauticus is here with the solution for the cryptocurrency world. Offering multiple facilities to the cryptocurrency users using the blockchain technology is the underlying philosophy of the platform. The first product in the list of offers made by the platform is the cryptocurrency exchange. More than 100 cryptocurrencies and 20 fiat currencies will be available on the exchange.

Transparent and efficient trading experience will be provided to the users of the platform. The cryptocurrency exchange is planned to be launched in the month of August 2018. The platform will be secure and charge very low transaction fee compared to the other cryptocurrency exchanges. The second product to be launched by the team is an e-commerce Platform.

This will be a testing ground for the adoption of the cryptocurrency. Providing buyers and sellers a transparent platform for interaction, they will remove all the intermediaries in the e-commerce World. Partnering with major global retails for the strategic development of the e-commerce platform, they will create an efficient online marketplace. Users, merchants, and businesses are part of the platform.

They have multiple features on the platform, such as rating & review system, rewards & incentive system, and cryptocurrency payment. It offers a low-cost solution to the merchants for selling their goods to the world and integrating the technological advantage of the blockchain technology. KYC verification is done for the security of the users on the platform. The third product offered by the platform is the blockchain mining center.

Custom designed ASIC processor will be utilized by the company for maximum mining efficiency. They have set up energy cost target and plan to use green energy for mining operations. A fully sustainable mining center based on the green energy solution is part of the vision after the ICO. They believe that different products & services offered by the platform will ultimately help in the adoption of the cryptocurrency in the market.

ICO Information

2,500,000,000 NTS Tokens are created for the project. 80% of the total tokens are reserved for the ICO. The ICO is currently live on the platform until 18th July 2018. The funds from the ICO will be utilized in creating the services offered by the platform. The team believes that power of blockchain technology can bring unprecedented changes in the e-commerce industry.


We constantly strive to do better. This is the one quality of human being, which has to lead us to the place where we are. The traditional world of business and life continuously adapts to the changing environment. The need for better payment solution leads to the invention of the cryptocurrency. It has become the central piece of attention in many international regulatory conferences.

The capabilities of the blockchain technologies are being utilized in solving many challenges in the traditional businesses. Adopting the latest technology in the creation of innovative solution is the aim of the platform. They have presented a cryptocurrency utilization ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

The success of the platform will be decided by the users of the platform. What do you think about the future of the cryptocurrency? Are we ready for the revolution?

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Bryan Ng-Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder
Jonathan Chang-Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder
Hong Huynh-Chief Technology Officer, quality assurance officer
Barry Cheng-Chief Security Officer, product specialist exchange
Brendan Sai Jiao-Head of hardware, product specialist mining and digital wallet
Yinjun Tu-Head of biometric electronics, product specialist digital wallet
Nadeem Shaikh-Head of application & system architecture
Alex Redwood-Head of emerging technology and blockchain
Josh Yu-Head of law and regulations
Andy Wang-Deputy of emerging technology and blockchain
Sam Liao-Head of Marketing
Andrew Fenton-Editor, media team leader
Gabriella Munoz-Editor
James Willis-Junior Editor
Rachel Hii-Digital Marketing
Arthur Raditya-Digital Marketing\Content Creator


Ian Scarffe-Blockchain ICO Consultant
Oliver Isaacs-Social Media Ambassador
Vladimir Nikitin-Blockchain ICO Consultant
David Hayat-Former Global Managing Director, Accenture
Kin Wong-Former Vice President, Nomura Securities, Macquarie AI trading
John Van Der Vos-Founder, Scandinavian Capital Markets

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