Sat, 20 Apr 2019

SleekPlay (SKP)

SleekPlay (SKP)

Content Monetization Reinvented

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The ideas we like, the books we love, the movies we watch and everything else has become accessible to us at our fingertips. Content has never been so easily available on so many platforms. People have found the power to share their knowledge and experience with the world. We are living in a world of content and ideas floating around us all the time. Well, sometimes this may be complicated for many of us. As we dig deeper into the world of digital content, we realize the intricate working of the content industry.

The incentivization model around the content and media is a complex web of third parties and intermediaries. The current choice for the content creators is the selection of ad model or subscription model. In one of the model, the user is charged a nominal amount for the services offered while in another model the content is free but the ads are present. There is a need for developing a new model of content monetization which can provide equitable distribution of resources in the ecosystem.

About SleekPlay

The solution offered by the company is for the development of a new model of content monetization based on blockchain technology. Developers, content creators, and publishers can integrate the SLEEKPLAY API into their platform for the content monetization. Another feature offered by the platform is for the users who are rewarded with the cryptocurrencies for their computational power.

Goal-based streaming is provided to the user on the platform according to which they are rewarded. The total payout is divided among the developers, users, and the platform. Web Wallet manager provided on the platform is for everyone who signs on the SleekPlay application. Blockchain technology is the bedrock of the platform which enables the transparency and security of the transactions taking place on the platform.

About SKP Token

The Token Sale is currently live on the platform. 54% of the tokens are reserved for the ICO. The funds will be utilized for the development and marketing of the platform. BTC and ETHER are the accepted currency on the platform for the ICO. The team working on the project is extremely passionate about the blockchain technology and the recent changes in the technology world.


Netflix and HULU are the examples of how the current content distribution network works. On-demand videos and games have become the main source of entertainment for the people around the world. Delivering high-quality content to the viewers should be the ultimate aim of the content creators. The gaming industry can hugely benefit from the solution presented by the platform. It is an era of innovation, and the path of incentivizing the users is the beginning of a greater revolution. What do you think about the platform?

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