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Noiz (NOIZ)

Noiz (NOIZ)

A Decentralized Cognitive Ad Network

Review Project

Advertising is information that contents the audience a lot or a lot of people to be interested in the goods or services offered. In other words, advertising tells a lot of people about goods and services sold, installed in mass media such as taps and magazines or in public places.

Adwords come from the Greek word which means to lead people to the idea. Understanding the complete ad is all forms of activity to bring in and offer inventors / ideas, goods and / or services are not personal paid by a particular sponsor.

In general, the advertisement is the presentation of nonpersonal information about a product, brand, company, or store that is executed with certain cost compensation. Therefore, advertising is a communication process that has the purpose of persuading or attracting people to take action that benefits the party who created the ad.

Current technology that can connect with the blockchain all with decentralized cognitive ad networks, the future of advertising with NOIZ
NOIZ is the first and only decentralized ad network in the world where participants can engage directly with the brand through AI-enabled cognitive advertising systems in online and mobile advertising.


The NOIZ platform is a digital advertising exchange - an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. NOIZ is also a token name that provides incentives for user engagement and is distributed among advertisers, publishers and charities other than users.

We use AI and Blockchain to fight banner blindness, increase transparency and create trust between advertisers, publishers, and users. This eliminates fraudulent advertising and scam bots, which lowers advertising costs and increases revenue for publishers.


Nikola is a friendly AI bot behind cognitive ads, collecting, authenticating, and sorting user data. Nikola uses AI hybrid system; one form of AI to filter out spam-bot and other similar user actions to integrate with NLP technology to improve cognitive and conversations.

The Charity Foundation

NOIZ networks, advertisers, publishers, and users can directly donate to the charities they choose. When a user redeems a coupon, their token will go to a charity rather than return to the advertiser or publisher.


Advertisers pay digital advertising costs to receive NOIZ tokens, which are then used to pay for ad creation, ad space, and user engagement. To increase user engagement, advertisers have the option to offer coupons. When a user redeems a coupon, the user's tokens will enter the charity.


Publishers are rich media sites with high traffic volume. They accept NOIZ tokens in exchange for their advertising space. Publishers may exchange, store, donate, or use their token. In the case of its use, the publisher pays the token to the user in return for user data. Publishers may also receive tokens from users in exchange for coupons on services, such as subscription fees.


The user is the person who viewed the cognitive ad on the publisher's site. The user receives NOIZ tokens by engaging with cognitive advertising. Any portion of the data, or intent, provided by the user is sent to the advertiser. Users can specify what personal information - age, gender, location - sent to advertisers and publishers. Users can exchange, store, donate, or redeem their tokens.


• Incentivizes customers, on behalf of advertisers, for interacting with the ads.
• Airdropped directly to customers (by advertisers) in exchange for customer’s private or survey data.
• Used by customers to redeem advertiser coupons; redeeming token for coupon sends the token to a social impact projects.
• Listed by advertisers, publishers, customers, and charities in an exchange
• Used to log into consensus portal, where customers can vote for or against advertisements, publisher contents, and social impact projects.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


309 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


279 days ago



Andy Ann Yu Chiu-Chief Executive Officer
David Kang-Chief Strategy Officer
Ricky Shivam Goswami-Chief Technology Officer
Kelvin Cheung-Chief Research and Development Officer
Keith Chow-Chief Operations Officer
Adam Turner-Head of Brand Development
Ryan Leung-Business Development Director
Michelle Yau-Marketing Director
Sara Lai-Creative & UX/UI Director
Tetsu Ho-Product Innovation Director
Maggie Phan-Natural Language Processing (NLP) Specialist
Wing Siu-Creative & UX/UI Designer
Johnny Wong-Executive Director
Paula Yang-Executive Director
Jason Wong-Executive Director
Karen Leung-Head of Sales
Benny Leung-Executive Director
Michael Lopatniuk-Multimedia Manager


Q1, 2016-Hybrid Mobile Marketplace is Created.
Q2, 2016-Guaranteed Clicks on Mobile Initiative, Premium Advertising PRIME, and DARTS Data Analytics Launched.
Q3, 2016-Design NLP/ Cognitive Ad.
Q4, 2016-Artificial Intelligence Multi-language Rollout.
Q1, 2017-NLP (Natural Language Processing) V1 Launched.
Q2, 2017-Video First View Ad Network Launched.
Q3, 2017-Alcanzar Launched.
Q4, 2017-NLP V2 Launched.
Q1, 2018-Cognitive Ad Framework V1 Launched.
Q1, 2018-Market Launch of Asia’s Leading Bank’s First Lifestyle Cognitive Ad.

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