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MoviesChain (ZVR)

MoviesChain (ZVR)

Decentralized Film Distribution Platform

Review Project

Advancement in technology has lead to fall in prices of many modern day gadgets. From smartphones to digital cameras – these devices have penetrated deep into rural markets as well, owing to low prices and ease of use. This has led to the birth of a new generation of filmmakers and producers – the ones who capture beautiful and meaningful movies using only smartphone cameras or the revolutionary GoPro.

However, there is no established source for these aspiring filmmakers to monetize their creations other than YouTube. This has obviously led to an enormous increase in the number of new content creators in YouTube making the already crowded space more competitive. The direct result of this is that often new and aspiring talented movie makers go unnoticed.

The MoviesChain Project aims to change this. It wants to provide a unique platform where aspiring movie makers can upload and share their works. Deserving videos will be financially rewarded using a state of the art rewarding and discovery system based on the blockchain. This will be a very welcome move for the video creators community worldwide.

Independent and small-time movie makers often take up movie making as a hobby. The community of independent movie makers has been growing for the last few years. This has largely been due to the availability of cheap video equipment, editing software and easy access to information. If this community is not financially supported, then the world will definitely lose out on amazing talents. MoviesChain proposes to create an all in one video ecosystem where both creators and consumers can find a common ground.

The platform proposes to develop a MoviesChain University (where rookies can take lessons on filmmaking and film producing from established personnel), MoviesChain Screen (an application that will facilitate communication between rookies and experienced filmmakers) and MoviesChain Investment (which will allow deserving movies to raise funds via crowdfunding). All these services will be offered as a part of the MoviesChain ecosystem. This will truly be a game changer for the entire filmmaking community.

The MoviesChain Project aims to fund the initial development, maintenance, and marketing outreach through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The participators in the Initial Coin Offering can buy the ZVK token which can be used for all types of transactions on the MoviesChain platform. The token will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will be a standard ERC 20 token. Smart Contracts can be implemented on the blockchain which can automate many of the tasks.

The MoviesChain Project is a brainchild of TVzavr, which is an already established video on demand platform operating since 2007. The team has multiple years of experience in video streaming services. The advisors' board to the Project consists of top executives of multinational companies. The team wants to pass on the financial benefits to the video creators, which is a very noble approach. Once the platform is live, it will change the way how video is consumed, discovered and financed by independent and amateur filmmakers.

The MoviesChain Project is truly a game-changing project for the entire video community. With the concept of an all in one video ecosystem, a sound strategy to revolutionize the way independent and small-time filmmakers raise money, a wonderful and experienced team at the helm to guide and mentor, the project is definitely going to succeed. Blockchain has been able to disrupt multiple industries across multiple verticals.

The state of the art transparent and secure digital ledger system of the blockchain will keep track of all types of transactions, making the process of collecting and disbursing money for filmmakers a breeze. It will facilitate direct transfers of funds from the consumer to the creator and remove any middlemen from the transaction. There is not an iota of doubt that the MoviesChain Project will revolutionize the entire video streaming industry forever. This project might just turn out to be the most valuable Initial Coin Offering of 2018!

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


369 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


278 days ago


Token Distribution

70% - For ICO
23% - For Early investor
5% - Reserve
2% - Bounty program

Use of Fund

50% - Marketing
20% - Development
20% - Operational
5% - Legal
5% - Advisor


Alexander Pavlov-CEO
Varvara Davydova-Head of Business Development
Olesya Teplova-Head of PR Department
Angelika Kristeva-Head of International Communications
Sergey Klimentov-IT Developer
Eugene Rybakov-Lead Software Developer
Mikhail Mikhalevich-Head of Hardware Division
Artem Mkhitaryan-Senior Software Engineer
Konstantin Koritich-Software Developer
Dmitry Zimogliadov-Lead Web Developer
Sergey Kozhevnikov-Lead Web Developer

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