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Loyakk (LYK)

Loyakk (LYK)

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Businesses all over the world thrive on meaningful communication, partnerships and by upholding signed contracts. For any business to scale and achieve growth, it needs to partner up with other businesses or supply chains in order to push its product into the market. It needs to have an efficient workflow model and an established channel of partners to make the task as smooth as possible. However, today's businesses end up spending millions of dollars as overhead operational costs owing to mismanagement of resources and miscommunication between the partners and supply channels.

The outdated software applications in the market that is used by businesses to keep track of all the partnerships and communications are not powerful enough. The Loyakk Vega Project aims to change this and help businesses save millions of dollars as operational costs. Its revolutionary Enterprise Relationship Platform, which is based on the secure and transparent blockchain network will change the way how businesses interact and deal with each other.

Blockchain as a technology has massive potential. It has led to some very innovative solutions across multiple domains. Its truly transparent and secure ledger system has revolutionized the way transactions are managed. Using this very property of the blockchain, the Loyakk Enterprise solution aims to develop a state of the art, all in one solution for business needs. Contracts can be implemented as Smart Contracts, which will automate many processes, at the same time making sure that contracts are respected by all the stakeholders involved.

The revolutionary Enterprise solution will enable businesses to securely communicate information, manage the day to day workflow and long-term goals and help with relationship management with partners and channels. It will be a clutter-free, partitioned, one-stop solution for all business needs. This will be a revolutionary platform that will forever change the way how businesses operate, saving millions of dollars that are spent in the name of operations!

All the stakeholders who wish to exchange information or request critical data will use the Loyakk Data token within the ecosystem. The initial development, maintenance and market outreach will be funded by an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where the investors can buy the Loyakk Data token (LYK). The token will be based in the Ethereum blockchain and will be a standard ERC 20 token that can implement smart contracts deployed on the blockchain. The LYK token will be used for all transactions performed on the Loyakk ecosystem. Early investors can also exchange their tokens through cryptocurrency exchanges for other cryptocurrencies. This ecosystem, once fully functional will revolutionize business management and day to day operations.

The Loyakk Project is being led by a multi-talented team has decades of experience across multiple verticals. The sound strategy, the amazing business to business (B2B) product and the revolutionary ecosystem built by such an able team will definitely ensure its success. Even before its official launch, few corporate multinationals, such as SAP Labs have already signed up with Loyakk for using the Enterprise solution to manage businesses more efficiently.

The market opportunity is massive for this project as it is addressing a very niche market – where blockchain is changing how businesses operate. The earning potential is enormous given the sheer number of businesses looking for better communication and management channels. Once the platform is fully functional, it will be one of the most advanced and state of the art blockchain based solutions for business, ever built. Putting all the dots together, it can safely be assumed that the platform will be something to watch out for. This might just be one of the greatest Initial Coin Offerings in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


309 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


279 days ago



Salim Ali-CEO
Jitu Telang-CTO
Tsvetan Georgiev-Blockchain Technical Architect and Development Lead
Jimjees Abraham-Blockchain Solutions Architect
Jaijiv Prabhakaran-Chief Architect
Marzanne DeLoof-Customer Success
Rakesh Sreekumar-Chief Marketing Officer
Sadiq Quasim-Director, Loyakk Ltd.
Anthony Thomas-Advisor, Global CIO, Nissan Motors
Patricia Hatter-Advisor, ex-CIO , McAfee
Jonathan Becher-Advisor & Investor, Chief Digital Officer, SAP
Gerry Mcclement-Investor, Director, 'Big 4' UK Bank


Aly Madhavji-Co-Founder of Global DCX
Ian Scarffe-Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor.
Pankaj Gupta-ICO Adviser, Marketing Expert
Nathan Christian-Blockchain Technology Consultant


November 2015-Customer Relationship Platform Release
January - October 2016-Onboarding of Blue chip clients (SAP, infosys, Abbott, Novartis, Mphasis)
October - December 2016-Customer demand for Enterprise Relationship capability with Blockchain-grade security and integrity
January - April 2017-Customer Requirements Gathering
May - July 2017-Enterprise Blockchain Solution Scoping and Design
August - September 2017-Patent-filling & ICO plans
February 2018-ICO Main Sale Starts
March - April 2018-Token Reconciliation & Issue Vega Platform Development continuous
July 2018-Vega Alpha Release
August 2018-Lighthouse Customer Engagement Join Go-to-Market with Charter Technology and Service Partner
October 2018-Industry Value Web Solution for Insurance Released
December 2018-Focus on Customer Success & Referenceability
January 2019-Industry Web Solution for Wealth Mgt Released
February 2019-API Release for third-party App developers Vega Blockchain Developer Network Program Launch
March 2019-Vega Platform Update - Version 2.0 Released
April 2019-Industry Value Web Solution for Hight-tech Released
June 2019-Vega Developer Ecosystem Marketing and Growth. Start showcasing Developers and their software/add-ons
October 2019-Industry Value Web Solution for Life Science Released
November 2019-Platform Updates - Version 3.0 Released

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