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LocalCoinSwap (LCS)

LocalCoinSwap (LCS)

World's most inclusive cryptocurrency marketplace

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The tools for development and deployment of cryptocurrency are in the process of research and development. People have become interested in the world of cryptocurrency due to its unlimited potential to disrupt the process of many traditional businesses.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading facilities are slowly capturing the market across the globe. Poor response time on the platform is another problem in the current cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchange has multiple challenges in front of them before they can truly offer the trading services to the traders.

Monopoly over the cryptocurrency trading market is one of the biggest challenges for the growth of the industry. The marketplace for P2P transactions has a limited number of cryptocurrencies available on their platform. Current cryptographic exchanges are prone to coin theft and insecure trading practices.

Slowly and gradually, they are losing the trust of the customers in the marketplace. The lack of benefits and rewards to the customers of the platform is another major challenge for the current cryptocurrency exchanges. Do you think there is a possible solution for the above challenges?

Solution offered

LocalCoinSwap is the platform for the new age P2P transaction for the cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology. The solution developed by the team will enable a fast transaction and tokenization of the assets. The token holders will be the most powerful entity in the ecosystem. Decentralization of the cryptocurrency exchange is the ultimate dream of the project. They will convert the ownership of the exchange into the crypto shares which can be bought and sold by the users. It is world's first crypto share system.

LCS Cryptoshare investment allows investors to receive the payout and voting rights on the platform. The revenue earned will be equally distributed to the users of the platform based on the amount invested. The community on the platform will play a major role in the development and growth of the platform due to its decentralized nature. The power to select and choose has been given back to the hands of the people.

They will make decisions on the site development and new business ventures. No identity verification is required on the platform. Once a user registers on the platform, they can start the trading experience. Social media integration, analytics tools and charts, trending coins, custom profile management and achievement badges are a few of the many features offered on the platform.

Dispute resolution on the platform takes place amicably between all the stakeholders of the platform with the help of a global support staff. Digital wallet provided to the users of the platform can be utilized for the storage of the cryptocurrencies. Users of the platform are the key drivers of the growth of the platform.

ICO Information

100,000,000 LCS Tokens are created for the project. 70% of all the tokens are reserved for the people. The different structure of the bonus percentages is available on the platform depending upon the time of the investment. The token sale is currently live on the platform until 15th June 2018.

30% of the funds will be used for the platform development while 20% of the funds will be spent on the security. The team behind this project is extremely excited about the development of the platform. They believe that cryptocurrency is the future.


Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming the replacement of the traditional currency, but it has long miles to go before this process is complete. The current state of cryptocurrency exchanges is very poor given the recent incidents of coin theft and poor customer care services. High transaction fees charged by the platform is discouraging new users from joining the platform. The exchanges are more interested in their profit rather than ensuring the security of the users' wallet on the platform. P2P Market is the future of the cryptocurrency.

People interacting directly without the need for any third party is the ultimate dream of the team. We will see in the future that decentralization of many other core services will be available in the market. The rapid evolution of the industry is based on the current development in the cryptocurrency sector and adoption of such applications by the users across the world.

I think that the power of the decision making has truly returned to the people. All the growth and development in the sector will be decided by the people using the platform. What do you think about the different services offered by the platform? Are we ready for the decentralized Exchange for the cryptocurrency?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


405 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


374 days ago



Aapeli Vuorinen-Lead Security Engineer
Nathan Worsley-Chief Technical Officer
Thomas Underwood-Chief Financial Officer
Valéri Natanelov-Chief Marketing Officer
Daniel Worsley-Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Sparks-Lead Developer
Taylor Scheel-Blockchain Developer
Yonatan Cohen-UX/UI Designer


Mr. David S. Lee-Legal Advisor
Dr. Artem Sergeev-Legal Advisor
Vladimir Ninov-Marketing Advisor
Shaf Zaman-Marketing & Fundraising Advisor
Andrew Bondarevich-Marketing Advisor

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