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Enkronos (ENK)

Enkronos (ENK)

Blockchain Credit System for Ethic Data-Driven Campaigns

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Advertising has many forms but all tend to the single goal. Over the decades, it has changed considerably in terms of technology, research, and medium. The core mission of the advertising remains the same. So, as the saying goes, If the services offered are free then you are the product. Many websites in the world of the internet offer free services and content to their users. And, in return, they collect a large volume of data, like Google and Facebook.

Recent controversy of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytical is the reflection of the problems in the current market. Companies are offering a large volume of personal data of their users to the third parties and advertisers for the sake of profit. Third parties are developing applications to mine the personal data of the users of the platform. The lack of trust and accountability is the biggest challenge for the industry. The advertising world has to fight with many more challenges to create an open and transparent platform.

Solution offered

Enkronos is the new ecosystem of innovative apps developed for the multiple sectors, such as marketing & promotions, AI/AR management, and IoT monitoring. The ecosystem allows applications from different businesses to interact directly with their consumers. The management of the data collected from the users is done in the cloud-based environment. The single sign-in option is provided to the businesses registered on the platform.

A few of the interesting applications launched by the team on the platform are as follows; Contest Dream, Loyalty Venue, Your Gamify, and Feel Grid. Loyalty Venue application allows the management of loyalty schemes and rewards of the company. Contest dream application is utilized for the marketing and promotion of the many contests run by the different companies. Feel Grid is the platform utilized for the management of IoT data.

This application has many use cases in multiple businesses such as Agri tech, vineyards management, and smart city. Centralized user database, universal billing system, Loyalty campaign management, digital ticketing, couponing, Gaming platform and crowdsourcing are a few of the many solutions available on the platform. Security on the platform is provided by the OWASP protocol.

Complying with the laws of the EU general data protection regulation, they have multiple features on the platform, such as breach notification, data portability, right to access and right to be forgotten. Development of software that truly changes the way a business works is the ultimate aim of the platform. Providing clients with the innovative web solutions will be one of the primary goals of the team.

ICO Information

500 Million ENK Tokens are created for the project in which 255 million tokens are sold to the public. Private sale, pre-sale and main sale are three categories of the token sale. The private sale of the tokens will start on 14th June and continue until 25th June.

The pre-sale will start on the 27th June and continue until 16th July. The main token sale will start on 18th September and continue until 20th November 2018. 30% of the funds will be spent on the PR & marketing while 25% of the funds will be spent on the development of the platform. The team is experienced and committed to the development of the platform.


Providing people with the best products and services to choose from is the ultimate aim of the advertising model. Today, in the digital world, advertising has entered the lives of people in all the ways possible. Nothing is beyond the reach of the advertisers. People can find the products and services sold on every platform they visit. It is also one of the survival methods of many large internet technology companies, whose large share of revenue comes from the advertising business.

The future of the application is dependent on the services offered by the platform. They have mentioned a few other categories of the applications to be launched in future, such as e-learning and finance. Management of the data and privacy of the users on the platform is the primary importance to the developers of the applications. What do you think about the different applications developed by the team for the different businesses? Are we ready to enter the Decentralized world?

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