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De Coin of De People

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The world's capabilities are limited by the imagination of its people. What we can imagine, we can build. The evolution of technology is one of the core examples of human's evolution. People assess their situations in the current scenario and act accordingly. Cryptocurrency is the result of human's imagination combined with the modern technology. The traditional world of finance and banking have become rotten with the inefficiencies and multitude of third parties.

The real test of cryptocurrency is still unfinished. The exchanges and trading platforms for the cryptocurrencies have taken a different road for the cryptocurrency. High transaction fees, lack of security on the platform, poor customer service and absence of diversity on the platform are a few of the many challenges currently faced by the cryptocurrency exchanges. The need for transparent and reliable exchange is a necessity for the growth of cryptocurrency world. Do you think it is possible for the current startups to create a solution for the above challenges?


DECOIN is the latest platform to join the world of cryptocurrency. They are launching easy and transparent cryptocurrency exchange where 97% of the consumer's funds are stored in the cold chain. The revenue of the platform is distributed with the token holders. Secure, transparent, reliable and social are a few of the key principles on which the platform is built.

The first crypto index is launched by the platform. The index will serve as a secure and stable investment option for the investors of the platform. Various kinds of fees, such as trading fee and withdrawal fee are applicable on the platform. Another important feature offered by the platform is the launch of credit cards. Five different types of credit cards are launched by the platform which will help in the wide adoption of the cryptocurrency.

Buying and shopping with the credit card will help in spending the cryptocurrency stored in your wallet. They are guaranteeing a 6.2% annual return to all stakeholders of the platform. Proof Of Stake consensus algorithm is employed for verifying the validity of the transactions on the platform. There are many advantages of using the POS consensus algorithm, such as improved security, no requirement of expensive hardware and energy savings.

The advantages of using the platform are endless, such as multilingual support and unprecedented return for its customers. A professional crypto analyst is also available on the platform while 24*7 customer support is provided to the users. The ecosystem created by the platform is transparent which allows integration of cryptocurrency in our daily life.

ICO Information

Pre-sale of the DECOIN Token sale is currently live on the platform. 60% of the total tokens are reserved for the people. 23% of the funds will be used for the legal & licensing fees while 20% of the funds will be used for the sales & compliance team. The team working on the project is experienced in the fields of blockchain technology and digital technology.


Banking institutions have become the slave to the intermediaries as they control their services and profit. People have become the sole sufferer in this entire ordeal. Without realizing the importance of the technology integration, growth and innovation in the world of finance seem impossible. Cryptocurrency provided a new wave of light to the people with the help of new technology, where third parties were no longer required.

The direct communication between the people seems possible due to the advent of cryptocurrency. Well, it may have generated enough steam required for the development to the next level. The future of the cryptocurrency is dependent on the kind of applications we create for its adoption and usage. The facilities and services provided to the users of the platform are great. Are we ready to trade?

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