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DICE Money

DICE Money

Money. Redone.

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When you hear the word 'DICE Money', you may be thinking about DICE Money (in literary meaning) and gambling or betting platform. Well, then you're completely wrong. DICE Money stands for Digital Certificate. DICE Money is a cryptocurrency platform different from most platforms that use cryptocurrency. The platform does not work like most blockchain based cryptocurrency platforms, but still prioritizes the main nature of cryptocurrency.

Operators and miners

The platform consists of miners and operators. Simply, miners are those who want to collect cryptocurrency from certain economic activities, while operators are those who connect miners with certain parties in the global economy. Simply put, operators are investors in the global economy working on DICE Money assets. It's like trading, an operator is an investor in a particular business sector, and miners are people who want to profit from business investments run by operators.

Everyone in the DICE ecosystem can become miners or operators but they still have to work in accordance with the rules of the DICE ecosystem. Miners will profit from operators, while operators make a profit of the business they run. It's equally profitable. Operators can get more investment from the DICE Money units provided by the miners, and the miners will get a fair profit from their investments.

Every miner can connect with multiple operators (depending on the type of business they want to invest). Neither are operators, they can also connect with several types of business within the scope of DICE economy. Operators are those who have a certain amount of capital to invest in a particular field, whereas miners are those who want to 'play' with the asset (fiat or cryptocurrency) they have.

Both miner and operator will profit and (possibly) a loss when their investment is problematic. DICE Money is a medium that will govern the legality of the cooperation between miners and operators. DICE Money also provides various regulations related to the cooperation made by miners and operators.

Then if DICE Money also share the same risk with its users? Yes, it does. DICE Money, at least, will incur losses when the system is not running perfectly. Please note that all activities undertaken by the miners and the operators run using the technology provided by DICE Money. The benefits received by miner and operator are different. Miner will get less profit from the operator. But the profit-giving mechanism is undertaken in a fair and transparent process.

DICE Money considers that cluster economy is an investment method that is more accessible to anyone. This provides an opportunity for newly acquired cryptocurrency miners to be able to invest in a simpler, cheaper, and safer way. Why is it safer? Members of the DICE Money ecosystem do not store their assets in a special wallet (such as cryptocurrency in general).They can save or rather convert the DICET they can into any form (including offline assets). This will certainly reduce the possibility of hackers to take the assets of the members of the ecosystem. DICE Money allows assets owned by its users as the most flexible asset. The assets can be used to access various businesses (depending on the reach of the operators).

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  • Konstantin Dimitrov-Co-Founder
  • Anthony Johnson-Co-Founder
  • Dilip Chandar-Co-Founder
  • Mihail Maldzhanski-Software Architect
  • Konstantin Nikolaev-Non Executive Director
  • Santosh Kumar-Software Engineer
  • Subramanian Venkatesan-Blockchain Developer
  • Godwin Pauldurai-Software Developer
  • Vidhyasagar Dhilip-Software Developer
  • Vayuputra Kantamani-Designer
  • Sriram Gurusamy-Software Engineer



  • Moorad Choudhry
  • Simon Choi
  • Vladimir Nikitin
  • Ismail Malik
  • Nikolay Shkilev
  • Amarpreet Singh
  • Rumen Slavchov
  • Sonja Prstec
  • Erickvand Tampilang
  • Mike Shokin
  • Davorin Bebek
  • Jonathan Galea
  • Divyashish Jindal
  • Reinhard Berger
  • Binod Nirvan

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