How Elementh Reshapes E-Commerce Industry

How Elementh Reshapes E-Commerce Industry


Trust is an essential part of online transactions. Without trust, no one will want to pay for something that they have never touch or see physically nor trusting someone to send the product to his address. Without trust, it is hard to imagine how people would want to rely merely on the commitment of others.

Major players in the industry, such as Amazon and Alibaba, have successfully obtained and maintained this trust of customers through the delivery of timely and quality customer services. That being said, the success story of these high achievers should be made as a basis for establishing a reliable e-commerce business.

One of many ways to build and maintain trust within a transaction would be to ensure transparency and accountability of the parties involved. Customers would need to be able to validate the accountability of online shops to be able to trust them. On the other hand, the e-commerce businesses would need to be able to validate their customers, as well as their payment, before proceeding with the delivery process. These scenarios show that trust indeed is integral to an online transaction process.

Elementh focuses exactly on that particular area. The platform itself is built on the blockchain technology which enables users to validate and confirm the data and information provided by both sellers and customers. Through the utilization of the blockchain technology, Elementh could manage to provide the decentralized applications for several e-commerce businesses. In other words, Elementh serves the structure for a stable e-commerce ecosystem which could bring the current standards in e-commerce industry to a whole new level.

How Elementh Works?

The main goal of Elementh is to create a stable ecosystem for e-commerce businesses to establish a reliable yet stable structure. To be able to achieve this noble goal, Elementh works on establishing common ground and global standards to be used by e-commerce platforms to work on creating a sustainable platform, particularly in terms of blockchain utilization.

Elementh believes that blockchain indeed is the very solution that e-commerce players sorely need to build a stable and sustainable reputation and accountability for themselves. Through the introduction and implementation of these standards, Elementh aims to serve as the umbrella that provides a quality system for parties involved in the e-commerce industry.

Decentralization becomes the main point that Elementh wants to accomplish. Through the introduction of its platform, Elementh aims to provides reliable services that could be accessed by countless e-commerce players and customers. One of the examples of this strategy implementation would be the product validation system built by Elementh. Through this system, both sellers and customers will be capable of ensuring that products involved in their transaction are all certified and original, thus keeping them away from fake items effectively.

To ensure that a product is certified or is actually built by an authorized manufacturer, customers could check the serial number of the product. If the serial number of the product is valid, the item could be considered as original, and vice versa. But how could customers access the serial number of the product if they have not had the chance to get their hand on the item?

The answer to this question is the primary reason why blockchain could reshape the future e-commerce. Through the capability of storing and validating data, blockchain enables customers to check the serial number of the products they want to purchase even before they could get their hand on the product. This is all possible because customers could check the serial number of the product which is stored online on the blockchain storage system.

However, this step actually does not guarantee that the product that customers receive is certified until they could physically receive the product delivery on their address. So what if it turns out that the product delivered to customer’s house has been compromised?

This is where another advantage of blockchain technology comes into play. The payment that has been sent by the customer has not been received by the seller before the customer himself confirms that he has received the product as he expected. In this regard, if it turns out that the product that he receives is not up to his expectation, in terms of quality and originality, he could easily ask the blockchain system provider, in this case, is Elementh, to send the money that he paid back into his account, without any fuss. In other words, this Elementh platform provides a powerful protection to customers.

Cost Efficiency

The utilization of blockchain technology in e-commerce operations also promotes the concept of cost efficiency. This is mainly due to the fact that through the integration of blockchain technology, e-commerce businesses do not need to rely on any third party any longer, especially in terms of payment gateway. If previously there is a certain fee to be paid by customers and sellers to a third party that handles the payment of transactions, the blockchain technology eliminates this dependence by providing an internal system that could handle the payment from customers.

This internal server will be responsible to receive the money from customers and forward it to the seller, only after the customer confirms that he is satisfied with the product delivered by the seller. In case the customer is not satisfied with the product, the money he pays will be sent back to his account automatically.

As for the seller, this elimination of a third party allows him to optimize his income. There would be no fee to be paid to a third party any longer, allowing him to fully capitalize on his products. That being said, Elementh could become the most sought-after platform among players within the e-commerce industry.

Considering that the integration of blockchain into e-commerce is a win-win solution for both sellers and customers, I predict that Elementh would be more than capable to capitalize a huge sum from its business model. This goal is achievable as long as Elementh could manage to maintain its business advantages and unique selling point appropriately.

ICO Detail

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