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L-Pesa (LPK)

L-Pesa (LPK)

The Future of Microfinance

Review Project

As one of the financial platforms, here, L-Pesa is a reliable future for microfinance. Here, we have a vision. That is to improve people’s lives through efficient access. This access is to credit. Besides, this is also related financial service. L-Pesa will, of course, be perfect for you.

Especially, considering that this has utilized their human capital to achieve prosperous goals. Meanwhile, to get various interesting offers, you can simply join the krypton. And for more information, please read the following reviews.

What is L-Pesa?

With its blockchain base, L-Pesa here has created a smart contract that will be very profitable. Also with L-Pesa, everyone across the internet will be enabled to make their business grow and become more advanced entrepreneurs. In the Bitcoin or Ether, loans for hopeful investors can be taken. After this loan is taken, the investors can join in market curated by L-Pesa.

Besides, interestingly again, here some facilities can be obtained. And one of this facility is the first Crypto loan in Africa. In short, this L-Pesa can be called with one of new financial technology platforms. This platforms will provide new financial tools for all customers as well as for those who are in small business, both in Africa and Asia.

Microloans In L-Pesa

Microloans here is one of the important aspects that exist in L-Pesa. How not? In its own platform, microloans are the first tools. Well, with the first tool, then the user can in possible to do some things that also quite important. While things that can be realized with the tools such as start growing business and paying tuition fees. Besides, it also can make the user become supported by his ambitions in life.

How To Join Here?

Currently, L-Pesa provides a great opportunity for you to join Kripton. Well, for the way is very easy, that is, you just buy tokens. Now, even krypton pre-sale has also been launched. Therefore, the faster you join by participating in the purchase of tokens, the better. And interestingly, you can get a discount of 50 % when you later participate in the purchase of this token.

These are some reviews related to L-Pesa with the purpose, offer and some of its work system. Indeed, this L-Pesa can be called as the future of microfinance. Therefore, it will not hurt if you join krypton. While with the various information you already know, now you can consider further to join here.

About L-Pesa Token

Construction of this L-Pesa token is done on Blockchain Ethereum. This will be beneficial for the token holders as they will become possible using financial tools in L-Pesa at an unusual cost, which is a cheaper cost. Next, you need to know more about token distribution in L-Pesa.

From 100 % percentage, there will be allocated at most for pre-sale and public sale, as many as 58%. Besides, for the founding team or advisors in 25 %. While the rest, as many as 16% and 1%, respectively is for Reserves and bounties.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


411 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


381 days ago



  • Ron Ezra Tuval-Founder & CEO
  • Jordan Balindo-Country Manager, Tanzania
  • Andrew Langat-Country Manager, Kenya
  • Dominic Gichomo-Country Manager, Uganda
  • Amitabh Roy-Project Manager
  • Angualia Daniel-Legal Counsel, Uganda
  • Khaya Maloney-Operations Manager, South Africa
  • Desiree Domo-Copywriter & PR
  • Jay Silud-Socially Inclined Content Creator
  • Malcolm Ngugi-Legal Counsel, Kenya
  • Bernard Kipkuri-Support
  • Mselem Said-Director, Tanzania
  • Leonard Jackson-Marketing support
  • Yunia Warioba-Support, Tanzania
  • Analisa Mtetemela-Support, Tanzania
  • Sandipan Paul-Accountant
  • Riaz Laskar-Developer
  • Somsubhra Saha-Developer
  • Uttam Kumar Karmakar-Designer
  • Diane Bjorling-Social Media


  • January 2014
    L-pesa Microfinance was launched in January 2014. The idea was finally was finally put into practice.
  • 2016
    Tanzania Operation Launch
    Tanzania operation launched, registered as L-pesa Microfinance.
  • 2017
    Launch of Kenya Operation
    Kenya operation launched in August 2017.
    The company operates as "L-pesa Loans and credit limited.
  • 2018
    Launch of Uganda Operation
    Uganda operation launched in February 2018.
    The company operates as "L-pesa Microfinance Ltd.
  • 2018
    Launch of India Operation
    Indie operation expected to launch June 2018.
    The company operates as "L-pesa Microfinance".
  • 2020
    L-Pesa expected to reach 100,000,000 customers

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