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Truegame (TGAME)

Truegame (TGAME)

How Truegame Deals with Major Betting and Gambling Challenges

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Is it possible to enjoy any online betting or gambling activity in the safest manner possible? Is it possible to use smart contract technology that will protect your rights and obligations? Do we have such a system that will ensure safe betting application and easy management? To answer all of those questions, you only need to take a look at Truegame concept and idea and decide for yourself whether such a platform is the same as other online gambling websites.

The Real Facts

You have to admit that everyone likes betting – it is in our blood. That’s why we have such a thing as lottery or prize drawing games. If you go to arcade gaming spots, you probably will see this machine that allows you to pick up a doll or other inexpensive accessories.

We all know that such a game isn’t easy – in most cases, you will have to try countless times to finally get the item. And it is if you are lucky enough. If you aren’t, you will probably spend hours of time and tons of coins, and you won’t be able to get the targeted item.

If you want to use your logic, it would be easier and definitely cheaper if you just buy the stuff on the market, instead of spending your time on the machine. However, a lot of people prefer doing the opposite things. Why? Because we are the creatures of habits – we like to bet or gamble.

The uncertainty of such a condition is a major force that drives the action. When we are able to get the item, it is like a big winning that will soothe our ego. Let’s face it, we are creatures focusing too much on our ego, and the betting game is one of the ways to confirm or assure it.

The Existence of Online Betting

You will experience the same adrenaline rush when you are betting or gambling – and this is one factor that makes people come back for more. But the real problem with such a gambling activity is trust and honesty.

You see, gambling administrators (whether they are running offline or online) want to make sure that you will spend as much money as possible for them. They like getting money but they don’t really like spending it. They would be happy to collect your money but they aren’t really excited when you win the game.

In most cases, these gambling administrators or casino manager or gaming supervisors will control the game. Instead of laying out a transparent platform for the game, they conceal it. Sometimes, they don’t even want to admit your winning. They may cut your portion. If you are really unlucky, they won’t admit that you win the game.

In some of the online platforms, they will cut your part, claiming that you need to pay for a certain administrative fee. And there’s nothing you can do about it because they have the power to control everything.

How Truegame Changes the Game

Truegame is trying to solve all of these problems with their own solutions. They are trying to bring up the needed technologies that will deliver a fair and square platform for everyone – not only the gamblers but also the betting administrators. Here are their solutions to the trust issue in managing the gambling/betting game.

Blockchain technology that will provide the transparent and honest platform. This technology uses user’s network that will make up the bigger network. Every time there is a transaction, it will be immediately recorded and kept, removing any possibility of scam, frauds, and lies. Unless you are able to override the whole system, this system is packed solid and can’t be easily penetrated

Cryptocurrency implementation. This Truegame platform is running on the cryptocurrency management, which will make payment, make a deposit, or money withdrawal easier. Unlike the traditional banking system with its complicated and fussy arrangement, this cryptocurrency application is simpler and easier.

Decentralized system. In this mechanism, there won’t be any ultimate ruler or whatsoever. Even the gambling administrators won’t be able to do anything (even if they want to) because the system won’t allow them to. In a decentralized system, everyone has the same chance and opportunity. There won’t be any favour or such thing alike from the implementation.

Smart contract. It is an automated system that will close off the deal between gamblers and the system. With this application, everything runs according to the system. Everything will run as the contract agrees. When you lose the game, they will take your money. When you win the game, they will transfer your winning. No sabotage of your winning. No cut part or such thing alike. Your winning is 100% will be given to you.

TGAME Currency and Token

TGAME tokens are designed to meet several purposes. First of all, it is used as the main currency for the platform. Any bet or gamble will be done with the tokens. Whether you want to make deposits or you want to withdraw your winning, the token will be used to serve your points. Of course, they are exchangeable – meaning that you can exchange them with other cryptocurrencies or even fiat currency.

Second, it can be used as an investment. Through ICO investment, any interested investors can buy the tokens now so they can help with the platform’s growth and development. This allows anyone to buy the tokens while the price at its lowest level. Once the platform starts, it is a guarantee that the value will go up. If it gains positive popularity, the value may even go up higher. This is how investors gain profit from their investment.

The tokens are planned to release in 300 million, where 70% of them will go to the sales event. Besides the private sale, there is also pre ICO sale and public sale. Right now, the second stage of pre-ICO sale is happening and the bonuses are still available. If you want to join the Truegame platform, it is advisable that you buy the tokens now so you can also enjoy the bonuses.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


434 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


420 days ago



  • Dmitry Danilov-CEO
  • Dmitry Shchuvatov-CMO
  • Denis Snitserev-Head of affiliate marketing
  • Liudmila Varavina-Head of communications
  • Shivank Shekhar-Blockchain developer
  • Carmel Said-Affiliate marketing consultant
  • Tatiana Muntyanu-Token listing specialist
  • Vladimir Nikitin-Head of Sales
  • Mirlan Jelamanov-Full stack web developer
  • Aleksey Seleznev-Front-end developer
  • Vadim Grinchik-UX Designer
  • Viktor Petukhov-Algorithm Developer
  • Nikita Shchuvatov-Financial analyst



  • Bogdan Fiedur-Strategic blockchain consultant
  • Eduardo Morales-Hermo-Senior gambling and betting, business consultant at Ficom Leisure
  • Benjamin Föckersperger-Co-Founder / Chief Esports Officer at
  • Igor Karavaev-ICO marketing consultant
  • Mate Tokay-COO
  • Esteban van Goor-Strategic blockchain and ICO consultant
  • Robert Lenzhofer-CEO at Glück Games Services GmbH
  • Arvind Upadhyay-Co-founder and COO at Glück Games Services GmbH
  • Andrew Clarke-ex-Lottoland, Head of communications and PR at The Multi Group


November 2016
- Start of the project
- Goals definition
- Concept development
- Team formation
- Technical infrastructure creation
- Platform logic development

January - June 2017
- Product development
- Design
- Client-side and server-side logic development
- RNG algorithm and smart contracts of first games

July - December 2017
- Product launch
- Company registration in Costa Rica
- Utility token and billing system integration
- Smart contract and platform tests
- Feedback from Bitcointalk
- The public version of a platform launch

January 2018
- Product development and improvement
- Platform audit and processing of results
- Private round of investments closing

February - March 2018
- Token sale and investments attraction
- PR campaign. Pre-sale preparation and launch
- Referal program launch
- Smart roulette, Gift box, and dice release

April - May 2018
- Token listing on crypto exchanges
- Card lottery, Slots and other games release
- Multilingual interface
- Mobile app release
- Hackathon (complex platform vulnerability testing)

June - July 2018
- Players attraction
- Marketing campaign
- Affiliate marketing program

August - October 2018
- Start of gambling vertical:
- Poker rooms
- Pontoon
- Baccarat

November 2018 - January 2019
- New games release
- Setting up White Label Solutions
- Annual report

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