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CashBag (CBC)

CashBag (CBC)

Cashbag and the More Manageable Cash Back Perks

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Let’s just face it and admit it: we all love shopping. Whether it is done offline or online, we all love the excitement of picking up the stuff and taking them home. But what we even love more than shopping? Getting discounts and cash backs! This is one of the reasons why midnight sales are always jammed packed by people – all of them are excited by the bonuses, or discounts, or cash backs.

What if you can join an online platform and shop from its hundreds of merchants – and it is a guarantee that you will be rewarded with cash backs every time you buy from every merchant there? Sounds like a heaven so much, right? Well, you can enjoy all of these perks when you are joining Cashbag, one of the online platforms focusing on the cash back issue.

How Does the System Work?

So, how are things managed in Cashbag, anyway? First of all, it works together with various kinds of service providers and merchants. So far, there are hundreds of them currently and the numbers are expected (and also predicted) to increase in the near future. Members of this platform are free to browse around.

They are welcomed to browse for merchants or shops to buy the things they need or want. Whenever they shop, they will get cash back offer – the amount can be various. This platform will collect the cash backs and transfer them directly and automatically to the users’ wallet

In the end, the users can decide what to do with the money. They can exchange it. They can use it. They can redeem it. They can transfer it. They can even exchange it with the fiat currency (real money).

The cool thing is, this platform is using the blockchain technology and smart contract. Blockchain technology is designed to improve transparency, creating an open and honest platform. The smart contract is applicable between Cashbag and the merchants, or Cashbag, buyers, and merchants.

From the smart contract, it is visible who the loyal buyer is or who is the merchant with perfect performance. It will determine the rewards they will get. The more the buyer's shop, the bigger the cash back will be. The better the performance of the merchants, the bigger the rewards will be – and the bigger the possibility to get positive advertising.

The Functions of CBC Tokens

Why should this platform issue its own token, the CBC token? Why not using the already existing cryptocurrencies? First of all, the numbers will be limited so there won’t be any unlimited tokens out there – it is planned to release only 120 million of tokens.

The limitation is set to increase the value as well as keeping it stable. Second, adoption of the token is meant to create the min currency for the platform – which would be impossible if other cryptocurrencies are used.

Those, who want to take part in the development of the platform or buy the tokens while still in the low price range, are welcomed to come to the official website of Cashbag and finalize the purchase.

Token Sale

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