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BitGuild (PLAT)

BitGuild (PLAT)

Blockchain Gaming Platform

Review Project

BitGuild’s Advancement and Design

Blockchain business has run fast ever since 2015. One of them is blockchain on games. The name of the blockchain is BitGuild. Their mission is to revolutionize gaming industry by making a platform for games in the form of the blockchain.

There are some basic benefits from the blockchain. The first one is to get a closer relationship between the players and the developers. Then, there would also be a true ownership of game characters as well as the asset of the game.

After that, they are also making a competitive global play as targeted for the international market. Then, the game’s trading is cheap and safe for its users. After that, they are also able to do micro transactions to do cross game compatibility based on items and currency.

The users can also keep their eye on the development of the game economic systems. Lastly, they also promise zero fraud.

The Advancement of the BitGuild

The game is one of the forms of the interaction between human. Even before people get into the digital world, people have always played the game to interact with many people. Not only it is good to strengthen the relationship, it is also good for the hobby as it can make the gamer becomes professional gamer as well.

As time passed, they can also gain profit from joining game’s platform. BitGuild is one of the blockchain platforms that plan to advance the game into a business field. With a throughout preparation, the BitGuild has made a great plan for their upcoming web launching.

The website is focusing on a video game which developing all the time. The technology, graphics and design of video game have always developed and many of them are successful in attracting people’s attention to play the game.

Whether it is on TV, computer, mobile phone or tablet, video game always fun to play every time. Those are the reason why blockchain advanced to design a future blockchain platform.

BitGuild’s System

The BitGuild platform is not only for the game which used the payment to be played but is also for the free game. The game system in which the blockchain game is included has been fairly new. Just like any other blockchain, the platform is also using token for the users to be able to participate in the platform.

Similar to another system with blockchain, the participants need to buy the token to get some fair share on the BitGuild. It is different with the investor of the developers. However, they can possibly get a fair share from the token that the participants had bought.

The new thing that BitGuild offers is that the participants can buy the character of the game. The character of the game that the user’s like can be bought on the platform. The true ownership of the character’s game can be the participants’ own. The participant can have the complete control over the game’s character while keeping the cooperative and competitive global video game.

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