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GymRewards (GYM)

GymRewards (GYM)

GymRewards for Healthier Generation

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GymRewards for Healthier Generation

GymRewards is an application with aims to help the new generation in becoming a healthier generation. People have always spent more time in their workplace and have actually no time to actually go to the gym.

The bad lifestyle happens because people are too busy with their life to actually spare sometimes to go to the gym. It is a bad sign because people start to neglect their health because of the work that has stressed them up.

GymRewards offers a solution for people who are having no motivation to the gym as well as motivating those who already often go to the gym. They are trying to get people move to get healthier.

Some Ways to get the Rewards

The easier way to get the reward is by getting gym rewards at your gym. You can easily get money by exercising in your gym. You just need to download the application, and then you can start monitoring your heart rate in the application. As simple as that and you would get paid for exercising at your local gym.

The other way to get GymRewards is by becoming an event manager and make money by submitting athletic events. It can be in the form marathons, triathlons or other sports.

Firstly, you need to submit the even to the website to get the approval. Make sure that you contact the official website to get the real deal. After that promote GymRewards to the participants of the event.

Let the participant download the application through the QR code given to make sure that you can get 0.5% off all the participants. You will keep on earn money the more participants join the event.

You can also help out local gym which is not registered by becoming their sponsor to get all of the benefits from GymRewards. You need to register the local gym to the GymRewards to get approval. Promote it at the local gym and allow the participants of the gym to download through the QR code. Finally, you can earn 0.5% from every user who downloads through the QR code you provided.

The Proof of Exercising

The proof of exercise is different for every people. It is depending on the contract that they made with the application. It can be in the form of heart rate monitoring, exercise log or the cryptocurrency wallet.
As for example running in the gym for 10 minutes would make a reward of .16666667 GYMs per minute. It means it would be 10 GYMs for running the whole hour. The contract is free to contract submissions. That means every people could make their own plan of exercising.

Thus, it is possible for everyone to create their own routine and monitor on their own. The money would depend on the contract as well, so make sure to create a reasonable contract. You can also motivate others to exercise by making athletic events supported by GymRewards. You would keep on getting rewards from the participants who used the QR code that you give out.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


370 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


340 days ago


  • 73 % >> For GYM App Mining
  • 10 % >> For Sale
  • 5 % >> For term Reserve
  • 5 % >> For Core Team
  • 4 % >> For Advisor and Partner


Jose Barrales-The Co-founder of GYM Rewards
Carmelo M Sanchez-Co-Founder
Yuzzle Alexis-Lead Developer
Carroll Moon-Advisor
Ron B Palmer-Manager in the Data Center Operations


  • December 2017
    Proof of Concept
    App proof of concept developed. Blockchain Integration tested.
    Ron Palmer Joined as an Advisor
  • February 2018
    Carroll Moon joined the team as an advisor.
    Beginning of Airdrop
  • March 2018
    Whitelist Token Distribution

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