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Swapy Network (SWAPY)

Swapy Network (SWAPY)

The Solution for Universal Access to Credit

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Swapy Network is a company created to provide benefits and easy credit for each user. Many people are still difficult to get access to get credit. The reasons are varied, but the subject matter is in the banking bureaucracy that often makes it difficult for someone to get credit.

Through the Access to Credit Universal service, Swapy Network wants to make it easy for its users to get credit in a certain amount. Swapy Network, of course, has a special regulation for every credit given to its users, but this is simpler than any regulation owned by banks or other financial institutions.

The most striking difference between Swapy Network and the bank is the form of credit. Swapy Network gives token(cryptocurrency) while the bank gives money.


As a digital financial platform, Swapy Network certainly has some features that can be utilized by its users. The features are made to benefit all parties. This is clearly different from the credit offered by the bank. Through its regulation, the bank indirectly wants to gain more profit from every credit given to its customers.

There are three main features offered by Swapy Network, those are:

The Swapy Network Exchange

Swapy Network Exchange is a feature created to connect between investors worldwide and users who need capital for their business. Users must have a business or business concept to be able to receive credit from other users. Through this feature, you can get credit from several investors in other countries in an easy and safe way.

This feature will bring together investors from countries with low exchange rates and credit recipients in countries with higher exchange rates. The goal is to give big profits to the investor and provide a low interest to the recipient of the credit.

Swapy Network Financial ID

Swapy Network Financial ID is a feature that will ensure the legality of credit provided and received. This feature ensures that every credit can really be used like money. This feature also ensures the legality of the giver (investor) and the recipient of the credit.

This can be called a smart contract. This service will make it easy for investors and credit recipients to conduct legitimate transactions worldwide.

Swapy Network Data Market

Features or services Swapy Network Data Market is a tool used to determine the amount of credit that can be received by a person (depending on the value of data it has). Each user must provide data in a transparent manner.

This means that the user must provide correct data regarding his / her personal identity and the business he/she owns/wants to create. This feature can validate each user's data. This feature is created so that investors can give credit to the legit businessman; someone without financial problems and bad track record.

It will also be a market for credit recipients to sell its data (not personal data). Data from each business will have different values (depending on the type of business). Investors can buy or acquire one's business without having to meet directly with the data vendor. It will certainly save time and cost.

This feature will also involve a third party to publish some documents that will be used as valid evidence of any transactions conducted. The documents can be used as evidence when there is a problem between the investor and the recipient of the credit/data seller.

Token Sale

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462 days ago

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394 days ago




Q3 2017
On July 31st, we released our Swapy Network Exchange private alpha as a preview containing the fundraising contracts.
The Swapy Network software development has started since July 1st, 2017.

Q4 2017
On October 10th, we released Swapy Network Exchange public alpha on Robsten test net and open-sourced our protocol.
Since then we are developing side features for the fundraising flow, auditing our code base and removing the dependency of a centralized login service.
By mid-December, we will be releasing an updated version of the Swapy Network Exchange D’App.

Q2 2018
Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID private beta on main net transacting real tokens.
Each credit company we are negotiating with will have their own timeline to start using the Swapy Exchange depending on the compliance process.

Q3 2018
Swapy Network Exchange and Swapy Financial ID public beta on the main net. Public “Connect with Swapy ID” API available. Anyone can use for any purpose and transact real tokens.
Swapy Network Data Market on private beta transacting real tokens and real data from Swapy Financial ID.

Q4 2018
Swapy Network Data Market public beta on the main net.
Swapy Network Exchange and Swapy Financial ID improvements.
Planning the following year considering the community surveys.

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