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SSOT Health (SEHR)

SSOT Health (SEHR)

Healthcare Solutions

Review Project

Currently, healthcare systems and networks can be re-engineered by Smart contract and Blockchain (HIN) powered health information networks. In this case, the way healthcare providers will be fundamentally re-engineered by SSOT health.

So also with stakeholders managing electronic health records and interacting with healthcare teams. Well, talking about SSOT health itself, if you are curious and want to know more about information, please refer to the following reviews.

What Is Blockchain?

In short, all the new technologies that exist today can be said to be commonly called by the name of the blockchain. While the definition of the blockchain, in particular, itself cannot be made sure. This is because blockchain is still in its early stages as a technology. In addition, its implementation is still very wide.

According to a blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, MIT Sloan Assistant Professor Christian Catalini, in the actual state of the ledger distributed, the entire computer is likely to agree on high-level blockchain technology. while the contents of the ledger itself are different types of data together. Examples of these shared data are like notes, attributes, and transaction credentials, as well as other related information.

Furthermore, in this case, all transactions will be recorded on blockchain chronologically. In the recording, will form a chain that does not change. While nature may be less personal, but still depends on its implementation. In this case, the distribution of ledgers is done on many network participants. However, when the copy is updated, it will be done simultaneously.

How Health Care System Works?

Currently, the health care system is driven by procedures and distribution that are also pushed by the PCHS or Patient-Centered Healthcare approach. in this case, the service provider must approach the network to have its own PCH system. This is to ensure that all service providers become possible to cooperate and provide the best health services until eventually data can be stored in the silos of the health care system.

Now, healthcare data is increasingly easy to access with federal laws and incentive programs. However, in the end, this will result in the doctor typing more than talking to the patient. In addition, more severely, overall, the health ecosystem is unable to adequately design the value or risk of large data, Even if there are individual health information and other data that can easily be accessed.

Vision Of SSOT Health

In running the technology, there is a separate vision that has SSOT health. While in this vision, we see a growing problem in healthcare technology. Here, there are two difficult choices that are quite confusing between the care and privacy or economic fraud.

As for responding to that, here we provide solutions for good and proper care offerings, both in the service and the flow of funds. Safe and secure blockchain technology will also reduce costs.

That's some of the reviews related to SSOT health in brief. From the description above, it can be said that SSOT health will provide efficient maintenance, as well as process improvement and cost reduction in the insurance industry.

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Q1, 2018
SSOT Blockchain platform under development as of Jan 2017, Wide-reaching marketing campaign (underway). Token Event pre-sale (underway).

Q2, 2018
The first pilot will be deployed in a Hospital system. The SEHR token will be listed in popular, high volume Exchanges.

Q3, 2018
SSOT Pharmacy BlockChain Framework Release.

Q1, 2019
SSOT Health Insurance Claims Blockchain Framework Release.

Q2, 2019
SSOT Health Introduces open source for interoperable API for top EHR application.

Q3, 2019
SSOT Health Insurance Claims Blockchain Framework Release.

Q1, 2020
SSOT Health Introduces Global Patience ID (GPID) and fully operable plugin to any EHR.

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