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ImmVRse (IMV)

ImmVRse (IMV)

Virtual Reality in ImmVRse

Review Project

Not many people realize the importance of Virtual Reality and how it affects the business in general. We live in the era of technology, so it is only logical to expect such a technology to develop and grow by now.

With a platform dedicated and designed for the technology, hopefully, not only it will improve and flourish, but it will also help with business development in a whole.

The Concept

Virtual Reality has changed the way the world runs. Not many people understand this, but this technology can affect the business in whole – not just in marketing, promotion, and sales, but also in the way research and studies are conducted.

Real world contents are getting more important these days, especially when it comes to world improvement and development. Unfortunately, a platform where content creators and content users can get together is very limited – almost none. And this is how ImmVRse is crucial for such a development.

When we are talking about Virtual Reality, most people will associate it with the gaming world or any gaming device to deliver the real-life experience. In reality, though, such a technology isn’t only limited to the gaming industry. In education, for instance, this technology can be used to create a scheme for those with limited sources.

When a teacher wants to show what a snow is like or how a flowering plant can bloom, this technology can be used. In health, the possibility to perform a difficult operation can be laid out and programmed with such a technology. In short, this is a crucial technology that can change the world – but only if the users know what to do with it and how to make use of it to the highest level.

The Common Challenges

Unfortunately, there aren’t many people who are familiar with this technology, making contents scarce. But with the creation of such platform like ImmVRse, content creators and advertisers can get together.

They find a place where they can interact, communicate, and even come up with creation plans so the contents will benefit a lot of people. Content creators can come up with interesting ideas, and the advertisers can place orders – or they can buy the contents based on their needs.

IMV Token

All kinds of platforms will have their own currency, and this ImmVRse one won’t be different. The development team is releasing the so-called IMV token that can be used as the major currency for any transaction and deal done within this platform. The tokens aren’t only used as a method of payment but also as a reward.

Content creators will create contents – and they can also be hired by companies or advertisers. Viewers watch the contents, and they will get tokens as the rewards. It will promote interaction and communication between the involved parties.

Once the platform is up and running, things can flow smoothly from there. Content creators can create contents and they are available for hire, and the reward system will make sure that the creators with the most dedicated work will be properly rewarded and known. That’s why ImmVRse works and functions.

Token Sale

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Quarter 4, 2017
MVP Under Development

Quarter 1, 2018
Launch of Marketing Campaign

Quarter 2, 2018
PR and Roadshow
ICO Launch
Token Released in Exchanges

Quarter 3, 2018
Team Expansion in EU and Asia
Marketing Campaign for ImmVRse DApp

Quarter 4, 2018
Office Extension in EU & Asia
ImmVRse™ Alpha Launch

Quarter 1, 2019
ImmVRse Ecosystem Setup
Continued Research and Development with partners - Imperial College London and Kingston University London

Quarter 2, 2019
ImmVRse Token DEVCON
ImmVRse Full Version Launch

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