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Bittwatt (BWT)

Bittwatt (BWT)

Energy for the 21st Century

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There are so many platforms online for business, Bittwatt is one of them. Just like how the title sounds, it is focusing on the advancement of electricity. The platform offers to connect all of the market players up until the consumer.

They provide blockchain protocol to share business information related to the business itself. Bittwatt also promises to decentralized service for energy supply, billing and balancing in one platform to make it easier for the user.

They promise to make a blockchain without useless information and focusing on syncing consumption metrics and relevant information only.

The Platform of Bittwatt

The platform of Bittwatt is built with a direct purpose not to add the useless bureaucracy in it. They are trying to only sync consumption metrics and other relevant information only.

They are focusing on transforming their consumer into the smart consumer. Bittwatt removes operational costs and transfer fees. They do all of those by automatically. By doing it automatically, they will also optimize the energy transfer as well.

They will operate the platform to update the information on an hourly basis. This is a good offer because the user can keep an eye on it through fully. The platform of Bittwatt is built with focusing on clearing out energy waste as well as the misuse to create a perfect platform. They will increase the sustainability for all of the participants.

They will also increase the Bittwatt blockchain for the users. The platform can be trusted enough because of the mechanism in the blockchain technology. The response will be given straightaway from the platform.

The Benefits of Bittwatt

The main benefit from this platform is that the participants can contribute to creating environment-friendly in which energy is no longer wasted. It would not make the comfort in modern-day worsen. It will try to keep all of the good environment lasted for a longer time.

The next benefit is related to the settlement. The settlements of the system are fast, transparent and trustworthy. Thus, it will ensure all of the participants that the platform will not need to scared that they will get deceived. After that, Bittwatt also ensures to match the demand with the market every hour in every single day.

The smart demand response supply is also a good offer from them which will adapt the supply right away. They will directly learn and adopt new system since they are updating the status every hour.

The platform is not only Eco-friendly, but they also serve to be a commercial platform that will give information and data between energy suppliers, grid operators and smart consumers. The broader information will be given to all of the parts to make the business run smoothly.

Then, the e-mobility and energy roaming from the platform enables the consumer identified the Bittwatt wallet settlement. With the system that is advanced now, they will ensure that they can access the platform easily and getting the information online easily. In conclusion, Bittwatt is an eco-friendly business who is trusted and full of benefits.

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  • Cristian Hagmann
    General manager & Co-founder
  • Daniela Cristina Stoicescu
    CEO & Co- founder
  • Tudor Stomff
    ICO Manager
  • Alexandru Ioana
    Content Manager / Creative
  • Cristina Maria Banu
    Marketing Specialist
  • Adrian Asevoaia
    Project Manager
  • Marius Posa
    Business Developer for East Europe
  • Iulian Bobes
    Research and Development Officer



  • Dan Cearnău
  • Ioana Frîncu
  • Andrei Popescu
    Co-Founder of COSS.IO and Seasoned Blockchain Tech Start-Ups Investor/Advisor
  • Rune Evensen
    Rune is the project's champion directing and supporting the team.
  • Cristopher Bridges
    Legal Advisor

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