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UbiatarPlay (UAC)

UbiatarPlay (UAC)

How UbiatarPlay Changes How People Explore the World

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Is it possible to be in various different places all over the world? No, you don’t necessarily have to own a superpower. With UbiatarPlay, you can explore the world and be in different places instantly. This platform allows you to move to different locations all over the world, depending on your preference and your budgets.

The World’s Exploration

Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie where everyone is represented by a robot? So, instead of going out as the real you, you use a robot – who is perfect, good-looking, and flawless. That’s a similar idea to this UbiatarPlay platform. But we aren’t going to use a robot or AI for the activity – we are going to use other people to represent you.

The idea is to have a representative body that will be your eyes and eyes while exploring the world. Let’s say that you live in America but you have always wanted to explore Japan. Through this platform, you are looking for someone who lives in Japan and ‘hire’ their services.

That person will be your Avatar while you will be the Usar – the one controlling the activity and movement of your Avatar. You can ask anything from your Avatar – taking pictures, buying mementoes, exploring the area, etc. You experience everything through the eyes of your Avatar because you aren’t able to experience everything on your own.

UbiatarPlay is created to help people explore the places and experience new things. We live in the world of limitations, so why not breaking through those boundaries and obstacles? After all, there are some greater benefits that you can expect from this activity, such as:

  • This platform provides an honest and legit job for everyone. By becoming other’s people’s extension, you can explore the areas, do interesting things, and get paid while doing so. Not to mention that being an Avatar is basically a unique job that everyone can do.
  • You can explore places and experience new things with new ideas and new method. Having a surrogate for yourself is definitely a unique idea – and it should be interesting to see how people respond to such a service.
  • You can find any service from any places on earth, depending on the flexibility. Walking the Great Wall of China for an hour or stroll down the miniature park in Holland would be possible and even made simpler.


Extensions of Services

Being Avatars isn’t only the greater perk of having this service. You can also ask for your Avatar to buy the things you want. Let’s say that you hire an avatar from Paris, and you see a fashionable handbag that you won’t find anywhere else. You can ask your Avatar to buy the handbag – of course, you should pay attention to the shipping fee and also the extra cost of the shipment.

Let’s say that the handbag is €80 and the shipping fee is around €20. Of course, that’s not the only payment that you need to make. It is most likely that you will have to spend a total of €120 - €100 for the bag and the shipping fee, €10 for the Avatar’s fee, and another €10 is for the UbiatarPlay fee.

As you can see, the role of the Avatar is super flexible and versatile. Not only you can have the Avatar to represent you, you can also ask for their help to do other services that you want. Shipping out something, buying something, and such thing alike will be possible when you and your Avatar are working together.

This service is using a rating service. Whenever you hire an Avatar, you have the chance to give it a rating. The rating system is handy to provide feedback and insight for the service rendered. With the rating system, any clients can provide opinions and feedbacks.

This provides guidance and help to other users. When they see someone with a good rating, they know about the quality and professional work. The better the rating is, the better the qualifications will be. Naturally, when you see someone with the low rating system, you know what the fact is.

UbiatarPlay Tokens for the Platform

It is crucial that UbiatarPlay token is used as the main currency for this platform. For any service provided within this platform, only the token is used – and not the fiat money. Not only it supports better adoption of the token, but it also encourages cryptocurrency. It is considered safer, more efficient, and also more flexible in the real implementation.

After all, transferring money or accepting funds through cryptocurrency isn’t only faster but also safer. So, ready to join UbiatarPlay?

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