AirPod Review and ICO Detail-Transforming Travel and Napping Industry

AirPod Review and ICO Detail-Transforming Travel and Napping Industry


The passenger is often faced with lack of amenities in the airport lounge. They often experience boredom and fatigue after flying for hours and waiting for the next flight hours. For first-class passengers, the wait may not be tiring as they can rest well during the flight, but not for economy class passengers. It is this fact that underlies the creation of AipPod.

About AirPod

AirPod is a cabin-like space that serves as a resting place for passengers in transit (or others). In addition to the break, AirPod is also created to accommodate the desire of transit passengers to have a quiet and comfortable place that can be used to continue or finish their work.

AirPod has a variety of facilities that can maximize the work of rest or support. The capsule is meant to isolate users from the outside world so that each user is not disturbed by all the activities that occur outside the capsule. Users will be free to do anything inside the capsule.

The AirPod capsule has a size very suitable for one person. Users will be able to store all the goods in the place that have been provided so that will not be disturbed by the pile of goods nearby. Users will also be pampered with a variety of entertainment features that can be accessed without incurring additional costs.

Not only convenience, security and privacy, AirPod users will also benefit from the rewards provided by AirPod through the coins. The received coins will be transferred directly into the crypto wallet of the user. Yes, AirPod is a blockchain-based technology that uses cryptocurrency as the main payment tool.

This makes every AirPod user feel like a VIP among other passengers in transit. AirPod users can easily book the capsule in some airports. You will also get various services from AirPod crews. There are some basic services called book packs. Meanwhile, to obtain another service, the user must pay for it using APOD parts.

The AirPod concept

AirPod is not only usable at airports, as it also offers anyone the opportunity to buy the capsule or work together to place AipPod capsules elsewhere. This is done so that more people can enjoy AirPod services. But in the meantime, AirPod can only be used by one user.

This can be a bit of a nuisance for users travelling with the family. For this, AirPod plans to create solutions tailored to users who often fly with family. A larger capsule or space will obviously require more space. This should be taken into account by the company and the airports.

In the meantime, the AirPod concept is only for those who are familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency. I do not like it is the best thing to do to realize the idea. Cryptocurrency is a way that is effective in terms of fundraising. Each investor can ultimately provide information to the company to determine the next business strategy. This is done so that the company can provide the right technology and in line with the needs of more users in the future.

The AirPod concept can be modified at any time (depending on the conditions encountered in the field). AirPod wants to highlight transparency and engage each of its users to develop the company in a better direction.

ICO Detail

Token Name
31/03/2018 – 21/04/2018
1 APOD = 0.10 USD
Equity on offer
80% (200,000,000 APOD)




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