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AipPod (APOD)

AipPod (APOD)

An alien spaceship with entertainment

Review Project

AirPod looks like a wireless headset manufactured by Apple or it can look like the word airport. AirPod's technology or installation is inspired by the airport, so it's called AirPod. The idea of this technology starts from the boredom that many experienced by passengers in transit.

Passengers in transit often experience boredom waiting for their next departure. Many of them hope to find a comfortable and safe place to take a break or finish a job. Many passengers have to spend hours on business trips.

AirPod is a capsule that serves as a resting place. The capsule has 1 adjustable seat that can be turned into a bed. This capsule has some features that can optimize your rest or help you work. The capsule comes with high-speed wifi, connected with Amazon Fire TV, and many more. The shape is not too big to allow the capsule to be placed in a corner of the waiting room without interrupting the function of the place.

The uniqueness of this capsule lies in the booking process. AirPod Company is a blockchain based company and uses cryptocurrency as a payment tool. This means that anyone wishing to use AirPod must be a member of the AirPod ecosystem. This system will obviously provide exclusivity to its users. This is due to the lack of users of blockchain and cryptocurrency systems around the world. In a way, for some people, this capsule will make users like aliens with their spaceships.

This capsule will obviously be the centre of attention; as well as its users. These capsule users will be the centre of attention when using this technology. Well, some people may not care about others' point of view as long as they can rest or finish their work without being distracted by others, but others may prefer to be "normal people". Strange assumptions will obviously come when this technology is still rarely used, but it will change as more and more people use it.

Some people may prefer to take advantage of the place to rest. Many people prefer to mingle with others rather than being alone in a futuristic capsule. This is the biggest challenge that AirPod faces. The company may have to think of other ways; a more acceptable way for more people.

Some have recognized that the features offered theoretically may offer a more pleasant wait experience, but they suggest that the company should think about creating a small room like the hotel. Critics believe that the room will have more users than an extraterrestrial capsule.

Well, it's a question of perspective. AirPod will certainly know various developments and improvements adapted to the wants and needs of more people. With a not-too-alien design, the company will have more users. The idea has no limits, but when it comes to crowdfunding and investing, it is better for the company to start thinking of something more acceptable than keeping the ego.

AirPod is a blockchain based technology. The blockchain (so far) does not have too many users. The company can promote exclusivity, but it will not make any sense if the users are considered strangers.

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