Dbrain Review and ICO Detail-Dbrain’s high-quality data labelling

Dbrain Review and ICO Detail-Dbrain’s high-quality data labelling

About Dbrain

Dbrain is a company that uses blockchain to simplify artificial intelligence developers to obtain accurate data. Accurate data is something that has to be bought at a high price. The high price is caused by the difficulty of obtaining quality data.

Dbrain wants to make it easier for AI developers, but at a more affordable price. In addition, thanks to crowd worker-system, Dbrain wants to provide “jobs” to its users and the opportunity to earn good financial benefits.

Price and data quality are still the biggest problems faced by AI developers. Currently, the AI is more developed by those who have significant capital. It has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this limitation are the ease of monitoring developers. Some parties can easily supervise developers; to whom and why AI has developed.

High-quality data

Data is one of the main things used in the development of AI. Each AI has its own data; depending on the type and function of the AI. Each data must be manually tagged by a human. The manual labelling process is one of the reasons for the high price of the data.

The process of labelling or grouping the data must be done carefully so that the AI can work properly. Errors in data labelling can lead to AI function errors. To avoid the appearance of dysfunctions in the AI, then the precise data is necessary needed.

Data errors can also inhibit or drive the development of AI in the wrong direction. This development error is often feared by many parties. Data errors can trigger misinformation on funds that turn the AI into something dangerous or dangerous.

Dbrain wants to provide quality data that is actually tagged by humans, not bots or software. Dbrain wanted to show that the AI will be able to function and well-developed thanks to quality data sources. The company wants to show that AI can help humans do things in human life. Thanks to the peer-to-peer solution, Dbrain allows developers to meet directly with the data source (crowd workers).

SPOCK protocol

By using SPOCK, developers can find out who they are working with. Developers can also know who labels each piece of data. This is not only useful for Dbrain to be fair and transparent as a reward, but also to allow developers to check each data (if something is wrong).

Thanks to SPOCK, all the intellectual property rights of each data tag will be protected. This will minimize the possibility of misuse of the data. Data providers often sell data to more than one developer.

This is clearly detrimental to those who label and developers. Labellers will not accept anything when their data is resold and AI developers will receive a less accurate set of data. Dbrain wants to provide original data for each developer.

This will certainly imply that the crowd workers do it. SPOCK will provide benefits to developers, social workers, and Dbrain. SPOCK will also prevent Dbrain from knowing the data of any crowd worker member so that Dbrain cannot abuse data or sell it to the developer without being notified by the data owner.

ICO Detail

Token Name
Pre-sale: 15/12/2017 – 31/03/2018
Main-sale: 01/04/2018 – 28/04/2018
1 DBR = 2 USD
Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
40,000,000 USD




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