Streamity Review and ICO Detail-How Streamity Provides Direct Access between Sellers and Buyers

Streamity Review and ICO Detail-How Streamity Provides Direct Access between Sellers and Buyers


Cryptocurrency exchange can be profitable, but one of the major issues is the lack of direct interaction between sellers and buyers. When you want to buy a certain type of digital money, you will have to contact a third party that will connect you with the seller.

Sometimes, it takes more than just one middleman – leading to the expensive rate and price. What if you can eliminate this third party and have a direct interaction with the seller?

The Concept and Idea

This is what Streamity is trying to gain. By creating a platform that is able to connect buyers and sellers, the development team is trying to deliver improved service, focusing on easiness and convenience. In this platform, they are connecting sellers and buyers directly. Not only it improves safety and efficiency, it makes the overall transaction cheaper and more affordable.

In this platform, sellers and buyers will directly be connected and integrated. It allows cheaper rate because there won’t be any extra charge for the middlemen. Buyers and sellers are allowed to seal the deal based on the current rate, so there won’t be any additional cost or whatsoever. No need to pay for any commission or whatsoever, and you certainly won’t need to dig deeper into your pocket.

How the Platform Works

Everyone can join in this Streamity, including cryptocurrency providers and buyers. Everyone has to go through KYC checking to make sure that they are truly legit and trustworthy. Anyone not passing the check will be denied access to the platform, so there won’t be any possibility of infiltration or scam. The security feature is enhanced and strengthened, especially with inclusions of advanced technologies.

Cryptocurrency is used because it is considered more flexible in the real implementation. It doesn’t use any regular or fussy protocol so it is less complicated and complex. It is using a decentralized system so there is no absolute power that will control everything.

When it is combined with blockchain technology, it promotes clearer and more transparent activity. Everything is recorded and kept within the system, and no one (or nothing) can override it. Not to mention that it uses smart contract, making every transaction secure, legit, and safe.

STM Tokens

This token is dedicated to this platform, being used as the major currency for any transactions – from the commission, fee, and such thing alike. It also offers a chance of investment, where the interested party can buy the tokens while the price is still low and hold on to it until its value increases.

If everything goes as planned, the development team will release around 180 millions of tokens and they won’t issue any token anymore. The STM token can be exchanged with Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as fiat currency like Euro or Dollar. For now, the price for 1 STM is equal to $0.2.

Feel free to come to the official website and click on the provided link. It is still phased 1 in the public ICO sale so you can still expect low price and bonuses when you want to join Streamity platform.

ICO Detail

Token Name
Phase 1: 12/03/2018 – 25/03/2018
Phase 2: 16/04/2018 – 29/04/2018
1 STM = 0.2 USD
Equity on offer
20,000,000 USD




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