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Nuggets (NUG)

Nuggets (NUG)

Biometric tool for login, payment & verification

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What is Nuggets?

Nuggets can provide security and other great services through the use of blockchain technology. Nuggets want to prove that blockchain is a future technology that can help many internet users, more than what can get now. The main advantage of Nuggets is that users can perform various transactions without having to provide data to other parties. This concept will certainly get a rejection of some platforms that want to get many subscribers from those who use the apps or platforms.

Nuggets use a system called zero-knowledge storage. This is a system that restricts Nuggets from knowing the data of each user (terms and conditions applied). You may think that Nuggets will provide your data to the partners. Every transaction you make will be done by Nuggets; no data will be shared to other platforms. Instead, Nuggets will ask you to provide 'tips' to the app in the form of token/cryptocurrency.

The Nuggets service certainly requires a fee. Fees will be charged for any Nuggets service you use. This is the thing that will make the user hesitate to use Nuggets. Ideally, a blockchain-based platform should be able to reduce costs. In this case, the Nuggets seems to position itself as an intermediary and the user must pay to get his services. This is quite surprising, but that is the Nuggets. Every platform also has its deficiencies, right?

Nuggets will provide tokens for users who sell their data. Nuggets classify each data. Each data group has its own reward level. In this case, the Nuggets is not responsible for the use of data by any other party. Data already purchased by certain parties can be used as needed. Before you sell or share your data, make sure you know and understand all the provisions made by the Nuggets.

How does it work?

Nuggets is a platform that can bridge transactions between platforms. What distinguishes between Nuggets and their slain platforms is that Nuggets can facilitate payments with fiat and cryptocurrency. Nuggets also put forward its function as a platform that can store and secure your data. after you make a token purchase and become a member of the Nuggets ecosystem, then you do not have to go through a variety of transaction processes that are sometimes confusing.

Nuggets will prevent you from possible data theft and fraud. This will obviously benefit you, but the Nuggets will ask you to pay for everything it does. This is a mechanism of symbiotic mutualism. It's a win-win solution for the users, the app, and the e-commerce platforms. This concept is actually already widely used by other platforms or applications, but Nuggets is one of the few apps that use biometric security as the key of all. And just need to scan your fingerprint and Nuggets will do the rest.

Each Nuggets user has full control over every data he has. They are entitled to share it with other platforms if they wish. But most Nuggets users will choose to do so because Nuggets users are those who truly value their personal data.

Online shopping with Nuggets

You can buy anything via the internet. The problem is whether you do it the right way. Nuggets presents as a medium that will help you to do a safe way to shop. Nuggets will not give a discount or something like that. What Nuggets does is prevent you from online fraud committed using personal data. Here is the process you should do when shopping using Nuggets.

Log in >> The process of logging in to Nuggets is very easy; open the application, scan your fingerprint, and you will immediately log into your account.

Browse >> Once you have successfully logged in, you can find what you want to buy. Nuggets show you what you want, the price, the details, and the online stores that sell it. The purchase is entirely your responsibility. Nuggets show only trusted online stores. You may find a price difference, but Nuggets guarantees that you will get the right goods.

Payment >> Payments can be made by debit, credit or token. All online stores that work with Nuggets accept these three payment methods.

Verification >> The Nuggets app will verify your order to avoid purchase errors. Once you have verified your purchase, you will be required to approve the purchase by re-scanning your fingerprint.

Delivery >> Nuggets will automatically send your location to the sender. Courier will immediately send the goods you buy to the location provided by Nuggets free of charge.

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  • Alastair Johnson
    Founder & CEO
  • Seema Khinda Johnson
    Co-founder & COO
  • Adi Ben-Ari
  • Diarmuid Considine
    Payments & Fraud
  • Mark Nichols
    Customer Experience
  • Robert Seok
  • Andrew Amadeo

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