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KickCity (KCY)

KickCity (KCY)

A new form of event organizer

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Event organizers use the internet as one of the main ways of marketing its services and events. Using the internet as a promotional medium is not an easy thing. Many event organizers run the wrong marketing strategy and choose the wrong media. KickCity is an alternative for event organizers who want to use the internet as a marketing medium.

The platform uses the 'reward' as the main attraction for starting an effective marketing. Everyone likes rewards. It is utilized by KickCity to increase the success of a marketing method using the reward. KickCity will reward event organizers, users who help disseminate information about specific events, and participants. To be able to do so, each party must be connected to KickCity and start using blockchain and cryptocurrency. Providing rewards is believed to increase the likelihood of an event's success.

Event organizing industry is a profitable business, but it can also cause huge losses. Event organizers who succeeded in making the event will make a profit, but if the event fails, then the event organizer will suffer huge losses. Event organizing has now become the most effective sales tool.

Many companies create diverse events to introduce and sell their products. An event organizer has an important role in the success of an event. Promotion is the key of all. Promotion can be done through various ways, one of which is online promotions.

How KickCity works

KickCity will work like a social media. This platform will spread information to various social media platforms to get more participants. They value every effort that is meant to promote the event. For example, you may have shared information or invited others to follow/come to a particular event.

Kickcity appreciates this effort by providing rewards. KickCity put the rewards they give as a manifestation of thanks to those who already want to help to do promotion. Each participant will also get a reward because it has the pleasure to come to one particular event.

KickCity is a system that uses reward as its main marketing tool. Through smart contracts technology, KikCity can what happens during the promotion process. The smart contract will show the activity of its users. Each activity will be sent to KickCity data centre. The smart contract will automatically provide rewards to users who are actively doing the promotion.

KickCity will also become a ticket box. Any event promoted through KickCity will sell its tickets on the platform. Participants who buy tickets at KickCity will also receive rewards. The reward is the most important thing in the KickCity ecosystem. The reward is rated as one of the most effective 'bait' in marketing. The use of tokens as rewards is also rated as an effective step by KickCity to get more users.

KickCity not only helps event organizers to promote the event they held but also gathers more people to use the platform. KickCity wants to invite more people to promote through blockchain technology. KickCity can reach a lot of social media to succeed the campaigns it does.

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480 days ago

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  • Hugo Hellebuyck-Business Development, Singapore
  • Danil Kolikov-Backend Developer
  • Vladislav Sazanovich-Developer
  • Leonid Startsev-Computer Scientist
  • Rostislav Maslov-CTO
  • Artem Shatilov-CMO & Product
  • Gideon Gibson-CEO & Founder
  • Aleksandra Bashkova-Community Manager
  • Maria Sarukhanova-PR Officer


  • Jeremy Epstein-CEO of Never Stop Marketing, has 20 years of international marketing experience
  • Boris Povod-Blockchain Developer at WINGS DAO
  • George Piskov-Director at Unistream Bank
  • Andrey Yaraev-Founder at VisitRussia
  • Yonatan Ben Shimon-CEO & Founder at Matchpool
  • Sebastian Stupurac-Project & Product at WINGS DAO
  • Eric Benz-Managing Director at Cryptopay
  • Geoffrey Weli-Wosu-Project Lead at Domineum
  • John Biggs-East Coast Editor at TechCrunch

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