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DIW Token (DIW)

DIW Token (DIW)

Different Services Offered by DIWToken with Enhanced Security

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What would you say if you encounter a sophisticated system that can do it all? Well, not all of them, but it is able to serve different kinds of purposes and actions, making it not only solid but also functional.

This is basically what DIWToken is all about. So, what are the services offered by this platform, anyway? And how does it benefit the members and participants?

A Platform that Does It All

When some people say that DIWToken is about a secured vault, it basically undermines the real function and potential. True that it is a digitally protected vault that can keep your valuable data, but it only defines one of the main functions of the platform.

Do you know that this platform can also be useful as a payment method? Think of it like the modernized PayPal with the simpler way and more secure system. If you have a business and you want to make sure that your clients can pay you in a fast and accurate manner, you can use this platform. If you want to pay your suppliers, use this service.

It can also be used as an escrow service as well as the spot to share (and also save) your health records. Healthcare professionals can get a direct access to patients, like you, and share the record. In short, this platform is a handy one platform for all that will deliver easiness and efficiency.

DIW Role in the Platform

Now that you have understood the main usage and function of DIWToken, let’s get down to the DIW token. How does the token function and to what extent? Well, for a starter, it is the main currency that can be used for anything.

When you use this platform as a storage vault, this token can be used as the payment fee – after all, you can’t really expect for such a reliable and safe vault to have zero operational cost, can you? With a small fee, you can enjoy greater benefits. And the fee can be paid with this token.

What else can this token be used for?

  • Cryptocurrency and payment. When you use this platform as a mean for doing transactions, you can do it with either fiat currency or this DIW token.
  • Escrow service. Managing a smart contract has its own small fee, which can be paid with this token
  • Basic currency. Whenever you want to send out money to suppliers or sellers, or you want to pay a small sum of service fee for the service rendered, you can use it with this token.


From 1 billion of tokens released, around 700,000,000 of them (meaning 70%) will go for the ICO sales – divided into a pre-sale and public sale. Another 15% will go to founders with 1 year vesting period. 8% will go for future partners, 5% will go to advisors and also partners (again, with a year vesting period), and the remaining 2% will be dedicated for bounty.

Even when you aren’t planning to use the tokens, it doesn’t hurt to invest with them. After all, with various services offered by DIWToken, are you sure that it won’t reach a greater popularity?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


352 days ago

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324 days ago


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Quarter 4, 2017

April, 2018
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Quarter 2, 2018
DIW Prototype Presentation

Quarter 3, 2018
DIW Alpha Version

Quarter 4, 2018
European Launch

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