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Mossland (MOC)

Mossland (MOC)

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What is Mossland?

The graphic has an important role in a game. This is the aspect that determines the gaming experience of the gamers. As computer technology advances, the graphic of the game is made more and more realistic. But what if gamers can create their own game environment and sell it to other users. This kind of thing has actually been done by other game apps, but still limited to mapping instead of graphics.

Mossland wants to offer a technology that enables its users to play the game with the graphic of such a residential environment or world-renowned places. This technology allows the users to upload and use their environment as a virtual location where they play the game. Imagine you can make the streets or other location in your city as your playgrounds.

Using augmented reality technology, users can 'record' and upload their real properties. Other users have to pay to be able to play in place or property(s) you upload. It's like an app that makes the users as investors and developers. To increase the price of a location, Mossland will provide accessories that can be applied to the locations. The price of a location will be determined by how many gamers use it.

In addition, accessories also determine the price of a location. The more the accessories in location do not mean that the price will increase. A site's aesthetics also determine the price of a location. Users can create their own maps tailored to their target market.

Property and accessories can be traded or rented. Through the 'check-in' feature, users can play in certain places without having to buy the property. When your property is used by others, then you will get rewards. Conversely, users who check-in will also get the same thing (although the amount is different).

Any property or location can be uploaded by user's genre. For example, some Mossland users in Paris can use Eifel Tower as their properties. This is done to avoid monopoly. Again, the number of users who check in to a particular property is determined by the creativity of the uploader to customize the property. This mechanism is a mutually beneficial mechanism. The user will provide the property and Mossland will provide the accessories. Users of Mossland can play the game in world famous locations without having to go there. It not only gives a pleasure but also adds knowledge.

Regardless of the good graphics and benefits to be had, users might wonder how Mossland will give a real look instead of a photo-like graphic with silly accessories. For example, when you add a giant prehistoric bird accessory on top of a building, how will Mossland give the effect of broken glass or damaged building parts? This is important because most gamers use a game as a game, not for financial gain.

Mossland must compete with a variety of game applications that currently already have a hyperrealistic graphic. Mossland should be able to prove that the game is a fun game app, not just a means to invite users to invest in cryptocurrency.

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