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Kora Network (KNT)

Kora Network (KNT)

Connecting people, communities, and capital

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Know About Kora

Do you know what is kora? if you know about the traditional musical instruments that are used in and played in various celebrations, that's what called kora. cultural use of this kind of music tools exists in the western region, precisely in Africa and surrounding areas. this tool is also often used to convey the message of hope. not only that, kora itself is also a project that is the hope of billions of people.

They are everyone who is served in the current financial system. from the kora, there is an expectation to realize a low financial network platform and can be accessed from various media. and get here if you are curious about the further kora, please refer to the following reviews.

The Problem And Existing Solution Of Kora

Talking about the core here are some of the problems that are made benchmarks in them. among these issues is High Cost to Serve, Misconception that the Underserved have Little Value, Lack of Identification Documents, Lack of Trust and Technological Understanding, and Lack of Financial Literacy.

For the first problem here this problem usually occurs in rural areas where it is quite difficult to reach until the banks provide the cost of care and transportation is high enough. And for the second problem, many perceive that customers will transact in small quantities when they are poorly served. however, by 2016, on unmet deposits, the global population has no population at least 360 billion according to PWC estimates.

As for the next problem, there are about 1.5 billion people who do not have a valid identity around the world. this is also a report by the world bank. Besides, in the fourth problem, here there are still many people who think that banks are not safe. including in the banking system and atm is still in doubt also. And for the last problem, with limited financial literacy, it cannot be denied that many people will make bad financial decisions.

Of the above problems, the first solution here is to include everyone in the kora network including those with the least amount of wealth. While, for those who do not have knowledge of the internet network, still expected to benefit from the kora. And the last, here there will always be local service providers and financial networks.

Network Architecture of Kora

Talking about the network, Ethermint has been used to build kora network. Ethermint itself is chosen because Ethermint supports the Ethereum development community. while Ethereum itself is the largest in the block room. in this case, block manufacturers will compete to publish the best specs. while the election will use kora network token or commonly called KTN as a reconnaissance unit. in kora network holding KNT is equal to the partial role.

That is about Kora ranging from problems, solutions to the network architecture. while to access the kora itself can be through some features that exist in hp. one of them is SMS / USSD. In addition, with the support of blockchain technology, it can also be accessed through mobile applications with the internet.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


448 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


425 days ago


Use of Fund



  • Jul-2017
    Seed Investment.
  • Aug-2017
    Kora 1.0 Development Begins - USSD, SMS & Mobile App.
  • Sep-2017
    Kora 1.0 Launches on Ethereum Testnet.
  • Nov-2017
    User Testing Launched in West Africa.
  • Dec-2017
    Core Network Development.
  • Feb-2018
    Pre - Sale.
  • Feb-2018
    Kora 1.0 Launches on Permissioned Testnet.
  • Mar-2018
    First Beta Launches.
  • Mar-2018
    Public Sale.
  • May-2018
    First Beta meets all milestones.
  • Aug-2018
    Launch Pilot in Africa.
  • Mar-2019
    Asia & Global Expansion.
  • Nov-2019
    Kora 2.0 Launches.

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