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Flexible and Affordable Education within ODEM

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Education is the key to success and to improve life quality. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive sectors of life. It’s no longer a secret that it has been turned into a business opportunity, leading to high cost and exorbitant spending. When you want to continue your study to a higher degree, be prepared to deal with high fees and costly student loan.

That’s why ODEM is offering a way – an alternative – to inexpensive education. By directly connecting students, educators, and even education providers, everyone can learn from each other and gain the purpose they want. This is a platform designed especially for education and for students looking for a way to get inexpensive learning. The development team believes that quality education doesn’t have to be expensive – not if they can eliminate the barriers.

How the System Works

ODEM is different from the traditional and regular online education because it offers a more flexible way to manage your study. Not only you are allowed to choose the program that you want, you can even create a program fitting your requirements.

In this platform, everyone has their own rights and share to participate. Let’s say that you want to learn about economics and taxes, but you want a deep focus on the tax only because you already understand the basic and general economy. You can browse around for options – an educational provider may have the program or an economy tax professor may offer a short course. Simply choose between the two – which one suits your needs and your budgets.

What if you can’t find any program or offer that suits your needs? Then make one! Yes, you can create your own plan and program. Any professor or educator or mentor can contact you to discuss about the matter in details. If everyone agrees on the terms, then a smart contract will be made and created. It is completely flexible.

The Means of Exchange

How do you pay for the service rendered within this platform? By using ODEM tokens, of course. The tokens will be exclusively used for this platform – whether you want to pay or accept payments. Thanks to this cryptocurrency solution, sending or accepting payments will be easy. Unlike the traditional money transfer system, this system is hassle-free and faster in its implementation.

The sale period takes place in two steps: the pre-sale and public sale. We have passed over the pre-sale, and the public sale is now open from 17th of February to 18th of March 2018, with the price of 1 ODEM is equal to €0.05. Anyone interested in buying the tokens has to pas Anti Money Laundering (AML) check as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) check. Only those who have passed the check can proceed with the purchase and allowed to complete it.

If you are interested in this platform and you want to do something to improve it, feel free to come to the official site, click the link, and complete the purchase so you can join ODEM platform in no time.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


520 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


491 days ago




  • Dec. 2017
    Launch pre-ico for funding ODEM model
  • Feb. 2018
    Open crowdsale.
    Begin ALPHA content and provider listing for BETA testing.
  • Mar. 2018
    Close crowdsale
  • Jun e 2018
    Launch ODEM 1.0 BETA
  • Sep. 2018
    ODEM 1.0 live
  • Dec. 2018
    Launch ODEM 2.0 BETA.

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