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FamilyPoints (FTP)

FamilyPoints (FTP)

Solve some parenting-financial problems with FamilyPoints

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You may be surprised at the price of the clothes your baby wears; with fewer sizes and quantities of material, they have prices that are almost or even the same as adult shoes. Babies or children have a rapid growth. For babies, they cannot even wear the same shirts or pants in just a few months or even weeks. For some people, this is a problem. Parents must provide an additional budget to purchase various needs of their children.

Some brands eventually take advantage of this condition by making cheap products. But many cheap products that have to sacrifice comfort and the factor of safety in the manufacture of their products. Cheap products often do not look elegant. But regardless of comfort and style, many parents end up preferring to use cheap products to manage their expenses. Most of them think that the clothes their children wear will not be used for a long time, so they prefer to buy cheap products for their children.

FamilyPoints is made to perfect the fun of parenting. FamilyPoints is expected to provide a more profitable, safe, fun and profitable shopping experience. The high price of the product is often influenced by some "dumb" things. Some reputable brands often only make brands as a way to increase the price of each product they sell. The reason is to show the class of consumers who can afford it. In addition, the high price is also influenced by several things, such as promotion costs, retailer commissions and shipments.

FamilyPoints wants to eliminate (or minimize) those factors. The platform wants to provide a quality product but with a more affordable price. This is done with the consideration that consumers (parents) have more control over the costs they will spend to buy the needs of children.


Once again, FamilyPoints is created to provide comfort, security, lower prices and profits. FamilyPoints can do this because the platform is created using blockchain technology. The blockchain is a system that can provide good security. Transparency and the availability of valid information are the most important in the chain of blocks.

This allows FamiliyPoints to provide accurate information about the products. But you cannot just believe something without having a strong comparison and foundation. As an online store, FamilyPoints will certainly provide good information and comments about each product it sells.

The objective is that the product is sold. However, the unique system owned by blockchain can provide filters; the technology compares a lot of information and decides whether the information and reviews are valid or not. The accuracy of information in the blockchain ecosystem is relatively higher than other technologies.

FamilyPoints works directly with several brands to reduce the prices of products. Blockchain allows consumers to connect directly with producers. Things like this have often been found in many online stores, so what distinguishes FamilyPoints with other platforms? Using Blockchain technology, FamilyPoints closely monitors each manufacturer and consumer to minimize the likelihood of fraud.

You will not meet with an intermediary; FamilyPoints offers a shopping platform that can connect consumers with manufacturers. FamilyPoint certainly benefits from every transaction made, but at the same time grants rewards to all parties involved (producers, consumers and courier).

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