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Lending and Trading Platform Powered By Artificial Neural Network

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Not many platforms are as unique as EOZ. Whereas other platforms are focusing on one subject or a single activity only, you can find several different activities on this platform – and they are all managed quite well. Whether you want to take a part in the lending ecosystem or you want to trade cryptocurrency, expect greater easiness and simplicity in the implementation and application. What are the various services for this platform?

Reliable Crypto Trading

One of the greater perks of joining this platform is the easy system. When compared to the traditional trading system, EOZ’s trading system is easier and simpler. Although people can expect great return and profit from the trading industry, it is not exactly the perfect world for beginners. It takes only skilled and professional experts to manage, operate, and run the system. If the system is run and managed by beginners, it is most likely that they will fail – and they will experience great loss.

But everything will be different with this EOZ platform. No more fussy work. No more high rate and low income. No more complicated system and complex arrangement for the managing the invested funds. Thanks to EOZ platform, everyone can manage their own trade and even have fun doing it!

Reliable Lending Platform

When people join in the platform, they can have a greater investment opportunity. No, it isn’t coming from the EOZ token but from the daily activities within the platform. You see, you are allowed to lend your EOZ token for investment.

What will the tokens be used? They will be traded, naturally, but it isn’t you who will be managing the trade. It is an automatic system that will trade the tokens and generate profits on your behalf. How long can you lend the money? It is up to you. There are different schemes with different rate and length of lending time.

EOZ Tokens Usages

Naturally, this platform needs its own currency or tokens for daily operations. That’s why EOZ tokens are issued. Investors can take part in the platform’s development through ICO investment. They can buy the tokens now while the price is still low and gain profits after the value increases.

Not to mention that EOZ development team is planning to plan a buyback program after the sales period is over. The buyback program will improve the value of the tokens, as well as the confidence in using it as the means of exchange. It will support stable price for the longer time.

ICO sales period lasts from 18th of February to 19th of March 2018. Around 48 million of EOZ tokens will be issues, while 12 million will be distributed for sales. The sales period itself will be divided into 6 different round, including one pre-ICO sale and five ICO rounds.

2 millions of tokens will be distributed on each round. Any interested investors should go to the official website to complete the purchase. You only need to click on a link and you will have to follow the given directions. You can be EOZ investors in no time.

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